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August 16, 2005

British man dies after surgery is rescheduled

From the London Times...

[John] Mosley had already had pre-op medicine for a heart valve operation at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield when it was cancelled. Just 15 minutes before he was due in the operating theatre, his surgeon called in sick.

He went home and the following day decided to pop down to his allotment near his home in the village of Todwick, near Sheffield.

Mrs Mosely said: “He was the village handyman and he went out and cut a woman’s garden in the morning before coming home for lunch. At a quarter to two, he kissed me and waved me off to work.”

When he did not come home for his tea, his wife and son became worried and went to look for him. They found him dead at the allotment, his van parked near by and his radio still playing....

Mrs Mosley said yesterday: “We feel we have been robbed. We feel if he had had his operation he would still be here today. The coroner has confirmed that he died because his heart valve packed up. I am hurt and very angry at the National health Service.

“The day after he died a nurse phoned me to say would he go in on Sunday, ready to be operated on the following day. I said, ‘He won’t be there. He has died.’”

Great Britain, of course, has socialized medicine, the same system Hillary Clinton tried to foist on the American people during the Clintoon Administration.

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 16, 2005 09:30 AM

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