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August 08, 2005

Cherokee Nation bans homosexual marriage, just little too late

From the Baptist Press...

A lesbian couple in Oklahoma is seeking to become the first Cherokee couple involved in a "gay marriage," and tribal sovereignty would shield them from state laws that already ban such unions.

Dawn McKinley and Kathy Reynolds filed for and received a marriage application from the Cherokee Nation last year, then took part in a "wedding" ceremony. But before they could file the application to make it official, another tribe member, Todd Hembree, filed suit in an effort to prevent the Cherokee Nation from recognizing the union.

The tribe's Judicial Appeals Tribunal threw out Hembree's lawsuit Aug. 3, saying he did not have legal standing. The ruling apparently cleared the way for the couple to file their application again.

Further complicating the case, the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council voted last August to ban "gay marriage." That vote, though, did not come until after the women had received their application.

I don't know that much about Cherokee laws other than they are allowed to build an ugly monstrosity called a Casino near my home, that turn our nice little town into Mayberry and Gomorrah. Trying to go to the grocery store past 5pm has become an act of futility, especially since the city can't afford to address the traffic problem since the obscenity that's creating it pays no taxes.

But I digress...

I do know that the Cherokee legal system works a bit slow, which is why these lesbians managed to bypass it. Odd that they can't simply make the law retroactive.

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 8, 2005 07:38 AM

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