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August 31, 2005

Cindy Sheehan disses NPR!

Stage-Sob Cindy, the woman who's using her son's death as crass fodder to further her own personal political agenda was caught lying during an NPR interview, when questions got too tough. Too tough for a Liberal on NPR?!? I never knew such a thing was possible. Dirk Thompson has the scoop...

Well, Cindy Sheehan has done it again. On Tuesday Ms. Sheehan was scheduled to be NPR's Talk of the Nation with Neil Conan who always does a good job with his guests. In this interview Ms. Sheehan, is evasive, deceptive and appears to lie or make things up at times. In the end she quickly pretends she has phone problems and informs Neil she has only 2 minutes left. NPR had booked her for the ENTIRE segment. She ended the interview when she got mad at a question Neil asked her about her first meeting with President Bush. I recorded the interview from this link and amplified the off phone comment she appeared to make to someone with her in crawford. Her cheapshot comment goes to the root of the type of person cindy is. It's amazing to me that she'd be so hostile in such a friendly environment as NPR! What is really funny, is that after feigning cell phone reception problems and ending the interview, Neils next guest was a father who lost a son in Fallujah and is protesting Cindy. He recites an experience he had with Cindy where she FAKED bad cell phone reception with him... LOL Any way, listening to the entire show here, or to jump to the vulgar Cindy Sheehan excerpt.. Original CLICK HERE and off phone comments amplified with CoolEdit CLICK HERE warning 'blue language'.

I listened to the NPR original, then the mp3 Dirk provided, then the amplified segment. The untouched sample he offered is exactly what is said on the NPR feed (for that thirty second segment) I cut the muffled part and optimized the volume in GoldWave, and yes, it is exactly what he presents in the second sample he offers. It's a bit muffled, but it certainly sounds like she's saying what he claims. It's also obvious that once questions were asked that she didn't like, the interview was over, in spite of her promise to do the entire segment.

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 31, 2005 06:35 AM

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