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August 04, 2005


Ann Coulter
Read My Lips: No New Liberals

Souter openly proclaimed his support for the "original intent" in interpreting the Constitution.

The fact that Souter decided — like Warren, Brennan, Blackmun, Stevens, O'Connor and Kennedy — that he would prefer to be a Philosopher King rather than a judge once he got on the court doesn't mean you never can tell with any of these guys. It means you have to find judges who wake up every morning: (1) thinking about the right answers to legal questions; and (2) chortling about how much his latest opinion will tick off the left....

The relevant question for a prospective justice, and it can be asked properly either by a president or a senator, is: "What, in your view, is the legal force of a Supreme Court opinion?" If Roberts believes that Supreme Court opinions are law of some kind, all is lost.

Craige McMillan
10 reasons I've grown to despise the Left ... and why you should, too

8. Leftists kill people: Their focus is on the unborn and the disabled. Perhaps that's because neither can raise their voice in opposition? The left's sympathy seems to be reserved for murderers and child abusers who were unfortunate enough to have been caught and convicted of their crimes. Here, the left can always mount a vigil or protest to save the offenders' "precious" lives. They care nothing about the victims shattered lives and families.

Ben Shapiro
What I learned in Oklahoma City

Many coastal city dwellers like to look down on religious red staters. It's no surprise that Hollywood paints inhabitants of the Midwest and the South as backward, often inbred, straight out of "Deliverance." Anyone with a twang is labeled a hick by those on the coasts. Looking down on country dwellers gives lots of city folk a sense of superiority, secure in their knowledge that they are more tolerant, broad minded and intelligent than the yokels in the boonies. After all, out in Los Angeles and Cambridge there are strong gun laws, high taxes and atheistic churches. What could be more enlightened?

Well, after spending a few days in Oklahoma City, it's even clearer to me that the coastal elitists have everything upside down.

William Rusher
The Indian casino racket

In 1988, Congress passed a law intended to permit tribal casinos in states where casinos were legal, but unfortunately the courts have interpreted it as allowing them even in states that prohibit them.

Now, the overall American casino industry generates $20 billion a year. In no time, a lot of savvy white investors began looking around for small groups of people with detectable Indian blood, to be organized into tribes and launched as casino operators on land allocated to them....one lawyer, a relative of White House chief of staff Andrew Card, was paid $645,000 by a small group called the Eastern Pequots, who managed to become big enough to qualify as a "tribe" under BIA rules by merging with another group called the Paucatuck Eastern Pequots. (They both live in Connecticut, whose governor and Legislature are dead-set against casinos of any type, but have no power to stop the newly merged tribe.)

David Gelernter
Good citizenship: Grin and bear the profiling

Once we've decided to use profiles, we should make them complete. A complete profile is as likely to promote fairness as damage it. If I'm carrying a bulky backpack and you look Middle Eastern, and both items belong in the profile - why should I be stopped and not you? Equality doesn't mean you get a pass or special privileges just because your skin is dark or you appear Middle Eastern. You might argue that dark-skinned people are a special case, given the way the United States has treated them. I agree -we have treated them so solicitously, and worked so hard to suppress racial prejudice, that dark-skinned people owe their country the benefit of the doubt.

Max Boot
Why feel guilty about Hiroshima?

Today we can put "smart" bombs through the window of an office building. Along with greater accuracy has come a growing impatience with "collateral damage." A bomb that goes astray and hits a foreign embassy or a wedding party now causes international outrage, whereas 60 years ago the destruction of an entire city was a frequent occurrence.

Does this make us more enlightened than the "greatest generation"? Perhaps. We certainly have the luxury of being more discriminating in the application of violence....It is hard to imagine how many more GIs and Tommies would have perished in 1944-45 had Anglo-American leaders flinched from using all the means at their disposal to hasten the end of the war. Indeed, if the U.S. had staged a blood-drenched invasion of Japan while holding back its atomic arsenal, President Truman would have been indicted for that decision too.

Debra J. Saunders
A citizen by force is not a true citizen

On July 1, Oakland took possession of two properties that housed two viable businesses — Revelli Tires and Autohouse, which provided the livelihoods of John Revelli and Tony Fung — by eminent domain so that a private developer can build apartments in the redevelopment zone.

On Aug. 1, Oakland took possession a parking lot about one block away — on which owner Alex Hahn says he wants to build housing — so that Sears can relocate its Auto Center on that lot.

If you had to re-read the above paragraph, it is because this story makes no sense. Oakland, you see, is using government's supreme power — the ability to seize citizens' private property — so that bureaucrats can trade years of sweat and dreams as if they were property cards for a Monopoly game board. Except Oakland pols view all properties as if they are inexpensive purple ones, Baltic and Mediterranean.

Cal Thomas
The end of Israel?

Only after Israel is destroyed will the West realize what it did and failed to do, but it will find convenient and comforting explanations to absolve itself from any blame. Jews, you see, are always responsible not only for the world's problems, but for bringing destruction upon themselves by virtue of their being Jews.

Laura Vanderkam
If ‘Roe’ were overturned

You see, for all the rights rhetoric, abortion is not an abstract concept. It's a medical procedure requiring a doctor willing to perform it. In states where abortion is frowned upon — the states likely to ban abortion if Roe is overturned — abortion providers are already more rare than purple Volkswagen Beetles. Most abortion providers, understandably, prefer to practice in states where people support them, i.e., states where abortion won't be banned.

This reality means that however much energy is spent on Supreme Court nominee battles, a Roe reversal wouldn't change the country's total number of abortion providers much. In fact, a year after Roe is overturned, it would be the rare woman who would notice any difference in her life at all.

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 4, 2005 06:22 AM

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