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August 17, 2005


Joseph Farah
Roberts subverted Reagan

Roberts is the kind of Beltway creature I most detest. He's not man enough to stand up and tell you what he really believes. He doesn't want to be accountable for defending his positions publicly. So he conspires in the dark behind closed doors and writes memos attacking righteous men who have the courage to operate in the light.

Joseph Grant Swank, Jr.
Christians push for “Christmas Celebrations” in public places

For too long the nation has believed in this bogus definition of "separation of church and state" so as to follow the Pied Piper secularists in forming a godless union. Now that the public has become more educated regarding the true definition of separation of church and state, the grassroots is aching to express faith "out there" without fear of court cases and scowls from educational and political grinches.

Jill Stanek
See pro-aborts run

Pro-aborts have never experienced anything like the pounding NARAL took last week for its outrageously false ad against Supreme Court nominee John Roberts.

In fact, the NARAL incident will go down in pro-life history as a significant event, a turning point when MSM – mainstream media – finally began to publicly scrutinize pro-aborts as they should be scrutinized. For the first time, MSM called pro-aborts on their lies.

A year ago, MSM wouldn't have questioned them. A year ago, they didn't. It's not like this was the first devious smear campaign pro-aborts have ever attempted. It's their modus operandi.

But as talk radio, Internet blogs, and elections appealed slowly to MSM's sense of fairness, low ratings and cancelled subscriptions quickened the pace.

Walter Williams
Civil rights today

Civil-rights organizations' expenditure of resources and continued focus on racial discrimination is just as intelligent as it would be for the March of Dimes to continue to expend resources fighting polio in the U.S. Like the March of Dimes, civil-rights organizations should revise their agenda and take on the big, non-civil-rights problems that make socioeconomic progress impossible for a large segment of the black community.

Jonah Goldberg
The fallacy of authenticity

Nobody likes the idea of criticizing a woman who's lost her son in such circumstances. The hope has been that the high wall of Mrs. Sheehan's "moral authority" will allow her to say whatever she pleases and that nobody will say boo about it for fear of seeming insensitive to what must be unimaginable anguish. Still, even some of her supporters must realize that her anguish has caused her to find meaning in a wildly partisan, orchestrated publicity stunt.

What's interesting, to me at least, is that Mrs. Sheehan represents simply the latest installment in a long, nasty, desperate ideological campaign - and one that demonstrates the logical limits of identity politics.

Linda Chavez
Cindy Sheehan’s ‘story’

James Taranto, editor of OpinionJournal.com, this week unearthed comments Sheehan made at an anti-war rally at San Francisco State University in April: “I'm going all over the country telling moms: ‘This country is not worth dying for.’ If we're attacked, we would all go out. We'd all take whatever we had. I'd take my rolling pin and I'd beat the attackers over the head with it. But we were not attacked by Iraq. We might not even have been attacked by Osama bin Laden if 9/11 was their Pearl Harbor to get their neo-con agenda through . . .”

Were these just the ravings of a distraught mother, who in the same speech called President Bush a terrorist and accused the United States of using nuclear weapons in Iraq? Sheehan made her odd remarks at a rally for attorney Lynne Stewart, who represented the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and was convicted earlier this year of providing material support for terrorism when she acted as a conduit for terrorist instructions from her client Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman. Interestingly, of the journalists who have canonized Sheehan, none has seen fit to report her earlier remarks or her advocacy on behalf of Stewart.

Mike Bayham
Israel Casts Out The Unlucky Shekel

Only 8,500 Jews lived in the sliver of disputed land that contains 1.3 million Muslims, making the task of providing effective security for the settlers an onerous burden. The Israeli withdrawal, like that from southern Lebanon for similar logistical reasons, was a unilateral decision executed without any pledge from the Palestinian authority to curb attacks by militants.

In lieu of an agreement, Ariel Sharon is banking on good will, i.e. the same worthless currency Jimmy Carter received in exchange for an economically and militarily strategic canal the US built in a country the US Navy created.

Sharon isn't necessarily counting on scoring points with the Palestinians as much as he is trying to appease an increasingly pro-Palestinian Europe. The Israeli Prime Minister will find the Continent no less obtuse in the aftermath of the transfer, since the Euro-pols quack the way they do because their nations' shortsighted immigration policies crafted to stock hotels and Burger Kings with inexpensive labor created sizable and electorally significant minorities in France, Britain, Holland, and Germany....

...Palestinian militants will interpret the pullout as a victory, proof that their prolonged terror campaign is wearing down the Jewish State. This kind gesture will likely be greeted with celebratory attacks on Israeli civilians by encouraged Hamas-types.

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 17, 2005 09:09 AM

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