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August 19, 2005

Commentaries: Cindy Sheehan

Tony Snow
Cindy's campout

Here's Internet activist, dataguy: "We should call her 'Mother Sheehan.' ... 'Mother Sheehan' is her title, and expresses her ceremonial status as a bereaved mother, calling forth over the dead body of her son. She is not a person now, she is a mother, which is not an expression of her individuality, but rather the expression of her eternal character: the mother, the bringer of life who has been wronged by state power."

This vaporous encomium makes explicit what many have suspected from the start. Cindy Sheehan's backers and financiers do not consider her a "person." To them, she is a useful idiot, whom they will adore until the TV cameras go away.

Lisa Sarrach
Cindy Sheehan – Who’s Using Whom

In 2005, faced with defeat, the anti-war movement wasn’t getting any press. They needed a catalyst. After all the marches, rallies and other anti-war activities before and after the Iraq invasion in 2003, President Bush was re-elected in 2004. Iraqi’s are drafting a Constitution, training troops and policy, building schools and aiding the Coalition in beating back the insurgency and no one was paying attention to the “movement.”

Enter Cindy Sheehan. This is a savvy woman on a crusade and a crusade that started long before her son was killed in Iraq. She’s savvy because she’s a veteran of the anti-war movement who realized quite a bit ago that they were losing momentum and publicity in the post 2004 election Era and needed to gin things up a bit.

So Camp Casey was born. What better way to reignite old arguments, to reengage an eager press and to enlist the help of the Michael Moore’s and Moveon.org’s of the world than to camp out at the president’s ranch during the dog days of August when the press doesn’t have anything else to do.

Mike Rosen
Sheehan politicizes grief

Sheehan's son, U.S. Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, was killed in action in Sadr City, Iraq, in April 2004. All Americans of goodwill sympathize with her loss. Her grief is understandable. Thousands of other parents have suffered similar losses since 9/11, and millions before that, throughout our nation's history.

But Sheehan's grief doesn't lend any special credibility to her political beliefs. While she's free to speak her mind, those who disagree with her are every bit as free to criticize her views and tactics.

She's the one picking a fight. Sheehan isn't just a critic; she's a hysterical Bush-hater. Speaking on Aug. 8, she fired up a crowd of sympathetic activists calling Bush a "lying bastard" and "filth-spewer," among other things. And when she gets to Crawford, she raved, "I'm gonna tell them, 'You get that evil maniac out here . . .' And I'm gonna say, 'And you tell me what the noble cause is that my son died for.' And if he even starts to say freedom and democracy, I'm gonna say, bull----. 'You tell me the truth. You tell me that my son died for oil. You tell me that my son died to make your friends rich. You tell me that my son died to spread the cancer of Pax Americana, imperialism in the Middle East. You get America out of Iraq; you get Israel out of Palestine.' " I doubt if even Bill Clinton could have charmed this woman.

Listen, there may be wing nuts like Michael Moore who believe this kind of enraged, simplistic drivel but none who deserve to be taken seriously. Imagine John Kerry talking like this during the presidential campaign.

Casey Sheehan's sacrifice for his country doesn't oblige the rest of us to suffer, in silence, his mother's ranting.

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Posted by Danny Carlton at August 19, 2005 09:41 AM

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"Politicize grief?" If that's what Cindy Sheehan has done she was not the first -- the greatest single politicization of grief was that of George W. Bush when he used the corpses of 9/11 to justify the greatest single military blunder in history, the invasion of Iraq. BTW, don't peg me as 'anti-war.' You'll be lying if you do so. Afghanistan is where al-qaeda was until Bush took his eye off the ball and invaded Iraq. We're in Iraq now, we've got to win it and Bush should stop now his micro-managing by poll numbers that has prevented unconditional victory in Iraq. Bush brought the blunder to us that has killed so many of our young, and he and his party shall be held accountable.

Posted by: Bil at August 21, 2005 09:47 AM

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