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August 18, 2005

Commentaries: Gaza pullout

Joseph Farah
Ariel Sharon's logic

When Israelis allow themselves to be chased out of Gaza because they are outnumbered, they are inviting further retreats and a feeling of inevitability among Muslim Arabs that all the Jews can be eliminated from the region.

Gush Katif, the block of Jewish settlements on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip, are separated by miles from the Arab population centers in Gaza. In fact, the distance between the Arab population center in Gaza City and Gush Katif is greater than the distance between Gaza and the Jewish community in Ashkelon. Wouldn't the same psychology dictate a strategic withdrawal from Ashkelon?

Even more to the point – and maybe this will hit home with Sharon – Gush Katif is further from Gaza that the prime minister's private ranch. Why haven't we heard of any plans by Sharon to turn over his private ranch to the Arabs?

Lee Harris
The Blood of Martyrs

Banners are flying today in Gaza that read: “The blood of martyrs has led to liberation.” They are the banners of the popular militant Palestinian group Hamas, and they enunciate an unpleasant truth that proponents of the so called peace process would be well advised to ponder. Translated from the language of hagiography, the message of the banners is blazingly transparent: Terrorism works. It gets us what we want. Look what the intifada was able to achieve: the liberation of Gaza. Just think what more terrorism can do for our cause. If the blood of martyrs has led to the liberation of Gaza, may we not expect the blood of martyrs to lead to the liberation of Jerusalem. As the popular Palestinian T-shirt says, “Today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem.”

David Horowitz
Gaza: Red-letter Day For Arab and Leftist Jew-haters

Forget for a moment all the strategic and geopolitical rationales for the Gaza pullout and consider the reason that the Jewish settlements in Gaza are an issue at all: Palestinian Arabs and indeed all the Arab states of the Middle East hate Jews. They hate Jews so ferociously that they can't live alongside them. Not even if there are 8,000 Jews living among 2 million Arabs. There is not an Arab state or an Arab controlled piece of territory in the Middle East that will allow one Jew to live in or on it.

By contrast there are more than million Arabs, Muslim and Christian, living safely in Israel where they enjoy more citizen rights than the Arabs living in any Arab country -- or for that matter the Muslims living in any Muslim country. But not a single Jew can live in a single Arab state....

Unlike the Muslim Arabs in Europe, for example, who are responsible for outrageously disproprotionate crimes, the Jews in Gaza are law-abiding and productive citizens. But they are Jews. And therefore they must killed (which is why the Israeli Army has to be present) and driven out.

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 18, 2005 09:09 AM

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