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August 01, 2005

Frist's flip-flop

From the Baptist Press...

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist endorsed legislation July 29 to provide federal funds for stem cell research that destroys embryos, putting him at odds with President Bush and giving renewed hope to backers of the controversial experimentation.

The Republican from Tennessee explained his support in a speech from the Senate floor, describing it as a reaffirmation of a position he outlined four years before. Frist, however, had said in June he supported Bush’s more restrictive policy, according to The Washington Post....

The bill Frist endorsed would repeal the president’s rule prohibiting federal funds for stem cell research that results in the destruction of human embryos. The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, which the House of Representatives passed in May, amounts to the most serious, congressional assault on Bush’s policy since the president instituted it in August 2001. The president’s rule allows funding for research only on embryonic stem cell lines already in existence prior to his announcement of the policy.

Frist said he supports federal funds for research on embryos that are in storage at in vitro fertilization clinics and “would otherwise be discarded.” The House-approved bill, H.R. 810, would liberalize Bush’s policy to underwrite experimentation on such embryos.

I just can't imagine why someone would want to save their own life knowing that it was because dozens if not hundreds of innocent unborn babies were murdered in order to do it. That we want the government to use the money they forcibly take from us, to fund such an outrage is beyond belief.

It's a good thing we know now where Frist stand so we know to dismiss him as a valid GOP nominee in '08.

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Posted by Danny Carlton at August 1, 2005 07:29 AM

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