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August 02, 2005

Harvesting Humans at Taxpayers' expense

From Baptist Press...

Advocates of federal grants for destructive embryonic stem cell research will gain the handful of votes needed in the U.S. Senate to override a promised veto by President Bush, a leader in the effort has predicted.

Sen. Arlen Specter, R.-Pa., estimated July 31 the legislation to liberalize the president’s policy on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research has 62 votes. About 15 other senators are “thinking it over,” Specter said on “CBS News’ Face the Nation.”...

Embryonic stem cell research has failed to produce any successful therapies in human beings and has been plagued by the development of tumors in lab animals. Meanwhile, research on stem cells from non-embryonic sources has produced treatments for at least 65 ailments, according to Do No Harm, a coalition promoting ethics in research. These include spinal cord injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis and sickle cell anemia.

John Kilner, president of the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity in suburban Chicago, said in a written statement, “The implication is that human beings can be killed if others can benefit. The danger here is glaring!”...

Stem cells are the body's master cells that can develop into other cells and tissues, providing hope for the treatment of numerous afflictions. In addition to being extracted from embryos, the cells may be found in such non-embryonic sources as bone marrow, fat and placentas, as well as umbilical cord blood.

The demographic group which is credited with giving Bush his much needed lead over John Kerry are Conservative Christians. Neither the media nor most politicians seem to grasp that forcing our nation into such evils as human harvesting and other forms of death worship is the very thing that brought so many real Christians to the polls. Apparently both Spector and Frist belong to the clueless.

Coverage: The Jawa Report

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 2, 2005 08:50 AM

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