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August 03, 2005


Student turns down ACLU's scholarship

   Hat tip: Stop the ACLU

Bush Endorses Teaching Intelligent Design to Students

   Open-minded coverage: GOP Bloggers, Don Singleton, Blogs for Bush, Right Thinking Girl
   Closed-minded coverage: Daniel Drezner, Glenn Reynolds, Rick Moran, Ace of Spades, Outside the Beltway

Schmidt Narrowly Beats Hackett For Congress

   Coverage: Michelle Malkin, Captain's Quarters, PoliPundit, Right Wing News, WizBang, Outside the Beltway, Jawa Report, Iowa Voice

All 309 Survive Plane Crash in Toronto

  Coverage: WizBang, Outside the Beltway, IndePundit, PoliBlog, Pajama Hadin, Of the Mind

John Roberts: Debating the Subtle Sway of the Federalist Society

Coverage: Michelle Malkin, Patterico, PowerLine,
Outside the Beltway

Russia Won't Renew ABC-TV's Accreditation

  Coverage: Jawa Report (also here), HyScience, In the Bullpen

...and still not a headline in the MSM...

Air America rips off poor kids

  Coverage: Michelle Malkin, Captain's Quarters, Wizbang (also here), Jawa Report, La Shawn Barber

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 3, 2005 09:06 AM

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