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August 25, 2005

Katrina expected to whoop up on Florida

From MSNBC...

A hurricane warning prompted a rush on gas stations in southeast Florida, where people were advised to stock up on necessities and take safety precautions ahead of Tropical Storm Katrina.

The storm had maximum sustained winds near 50 mph early Thursday, and was expected to reach hurricane strength as it moved west from the Bahamas into the Florida Straits, the National Hurricane Center said. Hurricanes sustain winds of at least 74 mph.

A hurricane warning was issued for the southeast Florida coast from Vero Beach to Florida City, as well as inland Lake Okeechobee.

I never really understood why retired people decide to go live in the state that almost all hurricanes like to visit first and most ferociously. I certainly wouldn't want to spend my retirement frantically packing up and leaving several times a year.

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 25, 2005 07:05 AM

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