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August 18, 2005

Menezes executed for "looking Mongolian"

From the Scotsman...

AN INNOCENT man shot dead by police who mistook him for a suicide bomber was not running away from armed officers, was grabbed by them before being killed and was never adequately identified as a suspect, according to leaked police documents revealed last night.

Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian electrician, stopped to pick up a newspaper and used a travelcard to pass through the ticket barrier of a London Tube station, according to witness statements obtained by ITV News - contradicting earlier claims that he had vaulted the barriers and sprinted down the escalators.

Mr de Menezes, 27, was shown wearing a blue denim jacket in forensic photographs obtained by the channel, as opposed to earlier claims that he was wearing a bulky winter coat before he was shot on board a Tube train. And one officer earlier failed to identify Mr de Menezes because he was "relieving himself" during the surveillance operation.

I can now understand why Brits have such a cow about the cavalier way most Americans treat gun ownership. We'd demand the cop that did such a thing be put in prison. As I understand it, the British cops that executed Menezes will probably go unpunished. With right, privilege and power comes responsibility. That's a basic American ideology. But in Merry ole England, they put a man in prison for defending himself, while apparently doing nothing to cops who murder an innocent man.

I'd say before Brits say one more word critical of America's gun policies, they need to demonstrate a little common sense in their own approach to the rights of citizens and the responsibility of cops

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 18, 2005 08:53 AM

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