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August 09, 2005

NARAL makes ad accusing Roberts of supporting violence

From LifeNews...

Leading abortion advocacy group NARAL has released a new television commercial attacking Supreme Court nominee John Roberts and implying he supports abortion-related violence. The ads features a victim of a bombing at an abortion facility and cites his legal work on behalf of activist pro-life group that engages in protests outside abortion businesses.

In announcing the commercial, slated to air nationwide, NARAL said it focuses on Roberts' "siding with groups like Operation Rescue and other anti-choice extremists who use bombings and other forms of intimidation."...

Emily Lyons, an Alabama woman who was a victim of the 1998 abortion facility bombing by Eric Robert Rudolph, appeared with Keenan at a press conference to announce the ad. She's also featured in the commercial.

In the ad, Lyons blasts Roberts for his amicus brief filed on behalf of the Bush administration in a 1991 case involving Operation Rescue and Michael Bray, who was found guilty of bombing abortion businesses.

While not defending the acts of violence or any illegal actions, the brief argued that pro-life organizations have a right to free speech whether their protests against abortion took place outside an abortion center or at another location....

The ad says Roberts "filed court briefs supporting violence fringe groups and a convicted clinic bomber."

In other words, if you don't support abortion, you're for violence. First of all it's pretty sick of NARAL to make such an ad, let alone exploit the grief the victims suffered, but to try to make the insane link that defending the free speech of those who appose abortion is the same as supporting acts of violence is beyond the pale. But then again, these are people who kill babies for a living, so we shouldn't expect any kind of real moral framework that they'd be working from, should we.

Of course Pro-Abortion people would never advocate violence, would they.

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Posted by Danny Carlton at August 9, 2005 08:33 AM

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