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August 05, 2005

Oklahoma parents object to obscene books in children's libraries

From AgapePress...

A group of Oklahoma parents is attempting to get objectionable books removed from school libraries statewide. Concerned mom Lynn Rahman began researching books in Tulsa school library collections and reading lists and found that many of the books contained emphases on homosexuality, sex, violence, drugs, and profanity.

After extending her probe statewide, Rahman says she encountered similar results. Now, along with other members of Oklahomans for School Accountability, she is alerting parents around the state to what kind of inappropriate material is in their children's school libraries. The effort is part of the group's ongoing campaign to get vulgar and profane library books removed from public schools across the state.

"The main objective is to let parents across the state know that these books are present in many schools," Rahman notes. Also, the parent-advocate says the group hopes to encourage other concerned parents to start challenging books they find objectionable. "That is our goal," she says. "All we want to do is provide the information, and they can always find it on our website."

The Oklahoma mom says she has done an extensive investigation into the sort of "egregious" content to be found in many of the books schools make available to youngsters to read there or check out and take home. Her survey revealed "books on homosexuality, books on rape, drugs, violence, foul language," she points out, "and most of them are fiction that I had found and that I have research on."

Liberals will of course scream that this is the same as book-burning. Interesting that while they use the excuse “it's for the children” to justify all kinds of atrocities committed against families and children, they don't see the need for protecting children from book that endorse and encourage bad behavior.

Then there's the problem Liberals have of their own efforts at censorship, whether it's the Bible, the flaws in the religion of Evolution or ex-homosexuals, they seem to not consider that as something even bad, but they will still scream about the Oklahoma parents trying to keep smut away from their kids.

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 5, 2005 11:24 AM

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