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August 12, 2005

Only one plaintiff left to challenge Oklahoma gun law

From the Shawnee News-Star...

Williams Cos. Inc. has backed out of a federal lawsuit that challenges a new Oklahoma law that allows employees to keep firearms in their cars at work. This leaves ConocoPhillips as the primary plaintiff.

Whirlpool Corp. and The State Chamber had earlier opted out of the litigation. The law has been blocked pending the lawsuit.

In a written statement it released Tuesday, Williams Cos., said that continuing to pursue "this isolated issue through the courts would require a disproportionately large dedication of company time and resources.

"We believe we can better serve our employees, shareholders and customers by directing those resources to more productive activities," the Tulsa-based natural gas company said in its release.

Williams Cos. spokesman Kelly Swan said the company's decision to drop out of the lawsuit was not in response to any public criticism.

Last week, the National Rifle Association called for a nationwide boycott of ConocoPhillips.

The reasoning behind the lawsuit, so they said, is that if an employee suddenly got disgruntled, he would have an easier access to a firearm. Of course the fact that were such a disgruntled employee to start shooting at people, regardless of where he got the gun, those being shot at would more than likely be wishing they had a gin nearby with which to defend themselves, and therefore having one in the trunk of their car might just as easily save lives.

It's a stupid lawsuit. My wife works for Whirlpool, and I'm glad they backed out of it. It reeks of political motivation rather than actual concern for safety in the workplace.

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 12, 2005 09:20 AM

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