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August 16, 2005

Pornographers and homosexuals target Florida church

From the Baptist Press...

Tommy Green preaches in the pulpit while people outside scream obscenities, call church members bigots and accuse him of being the Antichrist, but he is unfazed.

The long-time Hillsborough County, Fla., pastor and former president of the Florida Baptist Convention said he believes “when righteousness raises its head, there’s going to be a battle” and whether its homosexual activists or proponents of the adult entertainment industry, churches really should not be surprised when they become a target because they stand for biblical principles....

The present controversy has been brewing awhile, Green told Florida Baptist Witness. A few years ago, Ronda Storms, a member of the church and an attorney who was elected as a Hillsborough County commissioner, fought against funding for a public access television station which allowed shows containing nudity.

Most recently, Storms took on homosexual activists when she led the commission in a measure June 15 to prohibit the promotion of “gay pride.”

Green, whose service is televised to nearly 35 million households a week, including those up and down Florida’s west coast and Panhandle, said he has publicly thanked Storms for her stand and regularly speaks openly concerning cultural and moral issues.

In a volatile and very public response to Storms’ leadership, an adult entertainment promoter who airs a weekly show on public access television and homosexual activists in the area lashed out by launching an attack on Storms and picketing in front of First Baptist Brandon on Sundays for several weeks since the vote.

I'm sure that the homosexual activists would want to be distanced from the pornographers, but perversion is perversion, and that's the real issue — whether the public streets or air-waves, used by little children as well as adults, should be used to promote perversion.

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 16, 2005 09:40 AM

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