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August 30, 2005

Al Sharpton and his maniac driver

America's favorite poverty pimp discovered, yesterday, that while Liberals are screaming that Cindy Sheehan has absolute moral authority, that apparently doesn't extend to those who empower her and then violate the law, at least in the eyes of the Texas State Troopers.

From the Austin American-Statesman...

Chief Deputy Charles Sullins said the driver was rushing Sharpton to the airport after Sharpton visited anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan on Sunday at her camp outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford. The car carrying Sharpton and two other passengers was clocked doing 110 mph in a 65 mph zone on Interstate 35 in Ellis County in North Texas.

The driver ignored deputies' attempts to stop it and continued speeding and weaving in and out of traffic for nine miles before troopers with the Texas Department of Public Safety were able to get in front of the car and stop it, Sullins said.

Sharpton, of course, is claiming that the police are lying, and refused their offer for a ride, instead choosing to hitchhike to the airport.

I lived in Texas long enough to know you don't do 110 on 35 — you wait until you get on the back roads where there are fewer state police. [for the obtuse: I'm joking]

What I can't figure out is what were they doing on 35, which is north of the airport, when Crawford is south. I'm assuming they were heading to DFW, which is south of where 35W and 35E become 35. Crawford is even further on south of there. Could they have made the mistake of taking directions from Stage-Sob Cindy?

Then again, maybe Al and his driver thought it would be fun to play the “race card”.

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 30, 2005 06:11 AM

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