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August 17, 2005

The accidental anti-semite

From the New York Post...

Two diners on a date at a fancy Jersey Shore restaurant were furious when they saw the check — which listed their table as that of the "Jew Couple."

Brooklynite Elliot Stein says he was shocked that a waitress at the Parkhill's Waterfront Grill in Allenhurst printed the slur instead of a table number on his $36.75 bill.

As if that weren't bad enough, the 23-year-old shoe buyer told The Post, the offensive phrase then turned up on his credit-card statement two weeks later.

Maybe that sounds like they were a touch over sensitive to some people, but given the history of anti-semitism in the world, little things like that can be significant to someone who is Jewish. I think that the problem might have ended there had it been handled better, but when Stein confronted the manager, they were told it was unintentional, as if they were making a fuss about nothing. When Stein got angry at the manager's dismissal of what he perceived to be a racial slur, he was tossed out of the restaurant.

Once the media got hold of the story, though, the restaurant's general manager was in full apology mode, and apparently the bartender who wrote the phrase was no longer employed there. No word whether the manager that tossed Stein out still worked there.

Had the manager apologized, then allowed the bartender to apologize, marked the offending phrase off the bill and compted the meal  (write it off as an advertising expense rather than billing the couple's credit card) they wouldn't be getting so much negative attention right now.

The restaurant is darn lucky the couple was Jewish and not Black, otherwise they'd be paying Jesse Jackson hundreds of thousands of dollars in extortion money right about now.

I do wonder, though, is there such a thing as kosher sushi? I'm just asking.

Coverage: The Anchoress

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 17, 2005 09:03 AM

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