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August 11, 2005

The ACLU's extortion racket

From Gwinnet Daily Post...

Nearly two years after an anonymous resident sued the county to remove a framed copy of the Ten Commandments from the courthouse breezeway, Barrow County commissioners authorized a payment of $150,001 to the American Civil Liberties Union and the resident to be paid today with taxpayer dollars.

Commission Chairman Doug Garrison said the county will write two checks, one for $1 to John Doe and the other to the ACLU. The identity of the person who sued the county has remained a secret.

"I hope he signs it and endorses it so when it comes back, we'll know who he is," Garrison said of the check to John Doe. "I don't expect it ever to be cashed."

The county has spent $414,748.54 on the lawsuit, including the settlement. Garrison said attorney Herb Titus has not sent the county a bill since April, but they may still see one, adding to the county's total fees. Titus charges $300 an hour.

And the ACLU has the unmitigated gall to accuse pro-life activists of racketeering.

Stop The ACLU, blogburst

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 11, 2005 09:38 AM

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