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August 10, 2005

The DNC's pathetic attempts at values

From FoxNews...

Conservatives have traditionally embraced religious issues, often giving Republicans the image of being the more "pro-God" party. But now some Democrats are fighting to change that image.

In the 2004 election, many voters cited "morals" along with candidate stances on issues like gay marriage and abortion as key to their election picks. These so-called "values voters" overwhelmingly backed President Bush, but Democrats insist that Republicans don't have a monopoly on morality.

"I don't think God is either a Democrat or a Republican," said California state Sen. Jack Scott, a Democrat. "The moral values that I really care deeply about is justice for the poor and peacemaking and so that's the reason that I wouldn't call the Republican Party the party of religion."

Last month, Democratic spiritual leaders gathered in Berkeley, Calif., to focus on resurrecting the American spiritual left. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is bringing God back into the Democratic fold by adding a page on the party's Senate Web site aimed at religious voters.

My mother had been a diabetic since she was 19. She put diet sugar in everything. She would frequently try to trick my siblings and me by giving us something with saccharin and later (after it was proved that massive doses of saccharin would give rats cancer, and since kids are just rats with opposable thumbs...I'm assuming that was the reasoning) NutriSweet. We could always tell because all sugar substitutes have a nasty aftertaste. But to my mother, who rarely got real sugar, it was all our imagination.

These Liberal Democrats are oblivious to what real values and morals are, so their method of “winning” the values vote is to shove across the table to us their redefined version of “values” expecting us to gobble it up as if it's the same. But it's not—not by a long shot—and yes it leaves a really nasty aftertaste.

Those who fight to maintain the status quo of legally murdering unborn babies argue that true morality lies in protecting a woman's right to choose, unless of course it's a little girl, raped by a pedophile who's forcing her to have an abortion so he can hide his crime, then it's about the right to privacy, unless the DA wants to subpoena the abortuaries records to find if such a crime was covered up, then privacy is tossed out and the canard of reproductive rights is waved again so the abortuary can warn the pedophile to hide. Yes, that's what they consider morality and values. Quite an aftertaste.

Those who oppose the war in Iraq argue that morality lies in doing nothing while sadistic dictators or regimes slaughter innocent people and impose cruel laws that oppress women and children. Even when those dictators and regimes brag about being able to destroy us, do everything in their power to convince the world they are capable of it and even empower terrorists who kill thousands of our citizens, it's still none of our business. Hard to believe, but that's also what they consider morality and values. Not a very pleasant aftertaste, is it.

Those who support special rights for homosexuals argue that morality lies in redefining marriage to fit the whims of those obsessed with perverted sexual acts. They see the use of taxpayers' moneys and government schools to endorse and even recruit for homosexuality is displaying proper values. They even parade their values in “pride” festivals complete with nudity, displays of sado-masochism, cross-dressing and almost any vulgarity imaginable. And if that wasn't enough, they turn a blind eye to the pedophiles who use such events as a handy way to search for new victims. Astonishingly they want us to believe that this also is true morality and values.

Those are just a few examples. I could go on about enslaving Blacks under the guise of “urban renewal” and “anti-poverty” programs, suppressing the Constitutional rights of people of (real) faith under the guise of “tolerance”, euthanizing the elderly and infirm under the guise of “dignity” among many, many others.

While they've tried fancying it up with cute words and flowery semantics, the “values voters” that are the intended recipient, know exactly what's on the plate, and want no part of it.

Coverage: Jawa Report, La Shawn Barber

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 10, 2005 10:51 AM

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