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August 05, 2005

The Old Grey Lady goes after children

From NewsMax...

The New York Times is acknowledging that it made "initial inquiries" into whether there was anything "irregular" in the adoptions of Supreme Court nominee Judge John Roberts' children, ages four and five.

But in a statement published late Thursday night, the paper's public editor denied launching a full blown investigation.

"We did not order up an investigation of the adoptions," Public Editor Joe Plambeck insisted, in response to a firestorm of controversy over the Drudge Report's claim earlier in the day that just such a probe had been launched.

Quoting an unnamed senior editor, Plambeck admitted, however, that the Times did look into the Roberts's children, saying, "We have not pursued the issue after the initial inquiries, which detected nothing irregular about the adoptions."

Kevin McCullough writes on WorldNetDaily...

Late on Thursday, it was reported that the Times has opened an investigation into the adoption records for the children of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. According to a source at the Times, the "Old Gray Hag" has assigned investigative reporter Glen Justice the unseemly task of prying into the private adoption records of his two children....

Every adoptive parent reading this will be understandably outraged, and they should be. Every decent human being in every decent family across this nation should speak up. And every person subscribing to the New York Times should think about whether or not they want to continue to do so....

By conducting such an inquiry into the personal and private lives of Supreme Court nominee Roberts, his wife and the process they went through to become parents, the Times seems to be setting a new low – like they have been prone to in recent years – in its lack of journalistic standards.

As usually happens, it'll blow over and be forgotten. There's a sort of unwritten rule that seems to be followed in the MSM that their mistakes are quickly forgotten, but the mistakes of anyone else must never be forgotten. Connie Chung seems to have been one exception, but only because she simply made so many idiot remarks that it became too embarrassing for them.

Coverage: Captain's Quarters, Confirm Them (also here), Outside the Beltway, Blogs for Bush, Patterico, Professor Bainbridge, The Anchoress

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 5, 2005 11:25 AM

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Adversaires of judge Roberts nominations have a hard job to find something againts this guy.

Here is my cartoon interpretation of that

(Sorry for my english)

Posted by: Arthur Wneir at August 5, 2005 12:00 PM

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