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August 30, 2005

University of California discriminates against Christians

From WorldNetDaily...

Saying the University of California system is discriminating against Christians, a lawsuit has been filed against the network of colleges claiming potential students at faith-based private schools have not been given credit for several high-school courses they've taken.

According to the North County Times, the suit was filed on behalf of Calvary Chapel Christian School in Murrieta, Calif., five of its students, and the Association of Christian Schools International, which represents more than 800 religious schools in the state and 4,000 nationwide, court documents state.

The suit, filed Thursday, claims the UC system, which operates 10 public universities serving more than 200,000 students, is discriminating against Christian schools by rejecting some high-school courses for college-entrance credit because they include or are based upon Christian viewpoints.

The Associated Press has more info...

According to the lawsuit, the Calvary Chapel Christian School in Murrieta was told its courses were rejected because they use textbooks printed by two Christian publishers, Bob Jones University Press and A Beka Books.

I use A Beka books to homeschool my kids, and I've found them superior to the textbooks I remember using in school. And I find it hard to believe government school textbooks could have improved much, considering the closed-mindedness that permeates secular academia.

The LA Times has even more info...

Under a policy implemented with little fanfare a year ago, UC admissions authorities have refused to certify high school science courses that use textbooks challenging Darwin's theory of evolution, the suit says.

Other courses rejected by UC officials include "Christianity's Influence in American History," "Christianity and Morality in American Literature" and "Special Providence: American Government."...

"It appears that the UC system is attempting to secularize Christian schools and prevent them from teaching from a world Christian view," said Patrick H. Tyler, a lawyer with Advocates for Faith and Freedom, which is assisting the plaintiffs.

That should be “Christian world view” not “world Christian view”. Given that this is the LA Times, my guess is the reporter misquoted Tyler or the editor altered the reporters story, not understanding the term.

I guess the education industry has to do something to try to hamper Christian schools, since it is becoming more and more obvious that a government education is often so vastly inferior to even the most sparsely funded private and home schools. There are still some excellent government schools in more rural areas where the ACLU hasn't yet had time to get in there and screw things up, but it's only a matter of time until they eventually fall like the rest.

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 30, 2005 06:12 AM

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