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September 19, 2005

Another, insulting "Christian" TV show

From NewsMax...

An upcoming TV series featuring Christian pop singer Amy Grant will make its debut next Friday, and NBC is pulling out all the stops to promote it.

In "Three Wishes," Amy Grant will visit a different town every week, where, in a gesture of Christian charity, she will seek to fulfill the wishes of needy families and community groups, according to the New York Times.

The show, which Amy Grant describes as "faith in action," is being heavily promoted by NBC, which, the Times reports, has sent more than 7,000 DVDs of the show's first episode to ministers and other clergy members, along with a recorded message to their congregants from Amy Grant.

Had they bothered to check, NBC would have known that since she rarely sings anything Christian anymore, as well as having divorced her former-husband, Gary Chapman, to marry her current husband, country-music singer Vince Gill, (claiming it was “God's will”) she is hardly looked upon as a “Christian” singer, let alone someone who should be representing Christianity. The idea that tossing money to poor people is, alone, faith-in-action, is also not something very many Christians will appreciate.

Shoving a watered-down, socialistic, pseudo-gospel down our throats while pretending it represents Christianity will not win over the “Values Voters” the MSM have desperately been trying to woo. Since it is a demographic the MSM has shown that they find repulsive, their ignorance of Conservative Christians is predictable, but still insulting. The only “Christians” such a show might interest would be those Liberal, “Mainstream” types that voted for Kerry and claim the Bible allows divorce, homosexuality, abortion and any other kind of perversion they happen to decide they want to indulge in at the moment. Sorry, but those aren't the “Values Voters” that put Bush back in the White House.

Posted by Danny Carlton at September 19, 2005 07:47 AM

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