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September 19, 2005

Book Review: Rare Jewel Magazine

The following is a review done on behalf of Mind & Media. The copy of the book magazine I reviewed was donated by the publisher, through Mind & Media for the purpose of this review.

I received not one, but six copies of the magazine, more than enough to get a good understanding of what it is about, and what to expect in future issues. Each issue is devoted to a theme. I began with the most recent issue and went back from there. The September/October 2005 issues was about the Next Great Awakening. The issue before that, the July/August 2005 issue, was about the Evolution/Creation debate. Previous issues focused on “Christophobia”, the Sanctity of Life, the Culture War and the Christian Citizen.

What I found refreshing from reading through the magazines was the educated, intellectual writing of people who took the Bible and faith seriously, and didn't try to rationalize excuses for being worldly. So often on the internet you find extremes — either lofty sounding Liberals (more often than not posing as Conservatives and even Fundamentalists) who make excuses for Liberal Christianity as well as Christian bashing secularists while painting anyone who opposes them as knuckle dragging Pharisees, or the opposite extreme of stern, sour-faced dogmatists who insist that the King James Bible is more accurate than the original languages and that we are duty bound to hate homosexuals. Both extreme ready to accuse you of being the other.

But article after article I found clear, well-written message, thoroughly thought-out and researched, affirming a view that honors the Bible and the true essence of the Christian faith. No vacillating propositions that attempted to compromise the Bible to force it to fit with the world.

In the issue on the Next Great Awakening (which included an article by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas) there is a thorough explanation of what the first three Great Awakenings were, as well as numerous articles expounding on the need for another, as well as lamenting that it hasn't come yet.

In the issue on Evolution there are articles by Ken Ham, D. James Kennedy and an extremely delightful interview with B.C cartoonist Johnny Hart. The approach throughout was one of unbending compromise of truth, logic and the Bible, something rarely seen in the unending procylization by Evolutionist zealots who fight to maintain the government establishment of their religion.

I had never heard of the magazine before being asked to review it, and that is a shame, because this is one all Christians should get a subscription to a read thoroughly.

Posted by Danny Carlton at September 19, 2005 03:30 PM

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