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September 22, 2005

Christian leaders lobby to prevent homosexual special rights

From the BaptistPress...

Southern Baptist public policy chief Richard Land and other pro-family leaders are calling on Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to block passage of legislation that would expand rights for homosexuals.

Focus on the Family founder James Dobson and American Family Association founder Donald Wildmon joined Land, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, and 40 national and state leaders in a Sept. 20 letter telling Frist they “are looking to [him] to assure” that a measure expanding hate crimes prevention to cover homosexuals and “transgendered” individuals fails to become law....

So far, the government has granted civil rights protections “based on certain immutable characteristics shared by humanity generally,” they said. While some may contend homosexuality should receive “special protections” in the way religious belief does, a “sharp distinction may be drawn” between the two, Land and the others said.

“Religious belief is inherent to all mankind,” they said in the letter. “Despite the vast differences in belief systems, from belief in God to disbelief, every human attempts to define themselves and the world around them, adopting a religious view, ranging from Christianity to atheism. In contrast, only a small percentage of the population identifies themselves as homosexual. Homosexuality is not part of the universal human condition and should not be afforded the same protections as immutable qualities common to all mankind.”

Let me anticipate that the next argument made by the homosexual activists and their supporters would be that while only a few people are homosexuals, everyone does have a sexual preference, therefore using sexual preference as a category for defining discrimination would be based on something “shared by humanity”. But then why stop there? Why not include the choice of which football team to support as part of hate crime legislation? Or favorite TV show? Or music preference? Those are all things “shared by humanity”. Is it fair to suspend the First Amendment rights of the person who believes homosexual behavior is immoral (as will be done, and is being done in Canada and Europe) and not also suspend the First Amendment rights of those who think the Dallas Cowboys are a terrible team? Let's be fair here.

Oh, you say that homosexuals are discriminated against while Dallas Cowboy fans aren't...

For an “oppressed group” that is supposedly discriminated  against, homosexuals have a higher average income that heterosexuals, and generally exercise more political involvement. Meanwhile Dallas Cowboy fans are teased and taunted mercilessly by people who support opposing teams. But the thing is—we are once again back at, not sexual preference in general, but a specific sexual preference—that of homosexuality. So it isn't that sexual preference in general is something people find themselves being mistreated for, but a specific sexual preference. That would make it not something “shared by humanity”.

Don't misunderstand me. I think “Gay Bashers” (those people who like to beat or taunt homosexuals for fun) are sick perverts. Real homophobia—the hatred toward homosexuals is a perversion worse than the perversion of homosexuality. Real homophobia, however should be distinguished from politically correct homophobia which is defined as viewing homosexuality as immoral. But there are already laws that can be used to punish those who do violence to homosexuals. Ironically the very people homosexuals assume would leave them defenseless are prone to better protect them that those they presume to be their friends. While Liberals applauded the life sentence given to the two thugs who killed Matthew Shepherd, Conservatives were angry that they got off so lightly. Yet which group does the Liberal Media portray as the defender of homosexuals?

Posted by Danny Carlton at September 22, 2005 06:57 AM

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