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September 16, 2005


Mark Steyn
Flight 93 hijacked - again

FOUR YEARS on, plans for the Flight 93 National Memorial have now been revealed. The winning design, chosen from 1,011 entries, will be built in that pasture in Pennsylvania where those heroes died. The memorial is called "The Crescent of Embrace."

That sounds like a fabulous winning entry – in a competition to create a note-perfect parody of effete multicultural responses to terrorism. Indeed, if anything, it's too perfect a parody: the "embrace" is just the usual huggy-weepy reconciliatory boilerplate, but the "crescent" transforms its generic cultural abasement into something truly spectacular. In the design plans, "The Crescent of Embrace" looks more like the embrace of the Crescent – ie, Islam. After all, what better way to demonstrate your willingness to "embrace" your enemies than by erecting a giant Islamic crescent at the site of the day's most unambiguous episode of American heroism?

David Limbaugh
Kicking the Divine further out the door

U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton's decision that a California "school district's policy and practice of teacher-led recitation of the Pledge violates the Establishment Clause," provides a timely illustration of judicial activism at work....

The Supreme Court has primarily mucked up the law in this area (Establishment Clause). The 9th Circuit is even worse, but without the original activism of the Supreme Court, the 9th Circuit would have had nothing to hang its hat on in the Newdow case.

If the Court had, through the years, construed the Establishment Clause in accordance with the original understanding of the Framers, these pledge cases — and similar cases — would never have gotten off the ground.

The Establishment Clause was designed to prohibit the Establishment of a national religion or a national church. It was not intended to erect a "wall of separation" between church and state, nor prohibit all endorsements of religion by the federal government....

Like it or not, the Constitution, rightly interpreted, allows the federal government (and the states) to "encourage" the Christian religion. As Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story (1779-1845) wrote, "Probably, at the time of the adoption of the Constitution … the general, if not the universal, sentiment in America was, that Christianity ought to receive encouragement from the State, so far as such encouragement was not incompatible with the private rights of conscience, and the freedom of religious worship."

(NOTE: This is in the Jewish World Review.)

Devvy Kidd
Those judging the judge

I find the contentious hearings this past week something of a dog and pony show. Every senator who voted to confirm Roberts to the federal bench knew he could be tapped at any time by a sitting president for the Supreme Court. The pro-abortion Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee who voted to confirm Roberts in 2003 for the federal bench are: Leahy, Biden, Feinstein, Feingold and Kohl. Now, they have their knickers in a knot?...

Joseph Biden was dropped like a leper from the '88 presidential race because of the plagiarism scandal against him....

Can any one dispute Edward Kennedy is a slovenly, lifetime boozer?...

Dianne Feinstein. There is more than enough documentation to put her in a federal prison for her dealings with not only the Communist Chinese, but for her direct involvement in land-swap deals....

Arlen Specter, where would he be today without the Kennedy assassination? Specter landed himself a slot on the Warren Cover-Up Commission and became famous for his "single [magic] bullet" theory that defied any facts, anatomically and scientifically. Specter was rewarded for his cock-and-bull story with a senate seat in 1980....

Patrick Leahy is known as "Leaky Leahy" because of his inability to keep his mouth shut regarding sensitive intelligence matters....

The single most important truth here, though, is that all 100 senators sit in office under a law that does not exist. The 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was never ratified – an indisputable fact that cannot be denied.

Heather McDonald
The Racism Charges Won’t Wash

News outlets and pundits the world over—from the Washington Post to Al Jazeera—have gleefully portrayed the Katrina suffering as the product of what Braun calls “America’s original sin—racism.” Yet for racial sinners, Americans are sure behaving strangely. As of September 11, they had donated at least $788 million to Katrina charities, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy—an unprecedented pace of giving, easily topping the post-9/11 and tsunami giving. “It’s overwhelming,” Sarah Marchetti, a spokeswoman for the Red Cross, told the Chronicle. “People are just pouring their hearts out, and making a donation is an expression of that.” The gifts are coming in from every part of the country, from corporations, radio stations, foundations, churches, blogs, and hospitals.

While the race-mongers try to stoke blacks’ suspicion of whites, the public is showing that it regards all Americans, whatever their color or economic situation, as brothers and sisters. That people are giving so feverishly in spite of the competing images of looting by the flood victims and the reports of murder and rape is even stronger proof that racism has lost its grip on the American mind: the givers are refusing the bigot’s reaction of impugning an entire race by the loathsome behavior of a few.

Posted by Danny Carlton at September 16, 2005 07:24 AM

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Finally, I agree with one of your postings - and our world views are in most respects almost diametrically opposed.

But building a "crescent of embrace" as a memorial for Flight 93 is truly ridiculous. Religion was the root of this evil (and you may well pretend that yours is better than theirs :), so this monument should be one to humanity, heroism and sacrifice, not one to a dangerous mind virus called Islam.

- Sparky

Posted by: Blackpriester at September 16, 2005 02:08 PM

Amen, brother. As usual.

Posted by: Heather at September 16, 2005 09:58 PM

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