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September 19, 2005


Barbara Simpson
Put God back where He belongs!

It's already virtually impossible to mention God in schools, even in curricula where the subject is a legitimate academically. Accurate history is ignored. Religious music is banned and holidays eliminated.

Medical schools fight religious objections to being taught abortion procedures. Rulings requiring Catholic hospitals provide abortions and morning-after contraceptives. Pharmacists must dispense morning-after contraceptives to minors regardless of religious objections. Children as young as 14 are permitted contraceptives, abortions, drug, alcohol and psychological counseling – all without parents being informed or giving permission. Religious objection? Forget it.

Religious organizations are not allowed to restrict their employees to those of similar faith or morals. They're required to provide benefits for procedures and lifestyles, which violate their core beliefs.

The issue of sexual harassment is such that homosexuals have rights others do not. Now that the pope has asked for an investigation into the admittance of homosexuals into the priesthood, one can only imagine the legal mischief that's in store. Some countries punish ministers for preaching Bible teachings against homosexuality. Will we be next?

Rev. Jerry Falwell
'Under God' under fire

America is experiencing a hostile takeover, an advancing conquest by abject secularists who believe – and demand – that our nation should be a religion-free zone that stifles all public religious expression. That movement experienced a surge this week when a San Francisco Federal District Court declared that the phrase "under God" in our nation's Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional....

If the militant secularists want to redefine this nation in their own Godless imagine, they should at least be honest with the American people and admit that they are contradicting our nation's extensive history of government-endorsed public religious expression, including National Days of Prayer, "In God We Trust" on our coinage, acknowledgment of the Creator in our Constitution and in countless other areas.

These religious references indicate the true chronicle of our nation. Those of us who love and respect this history better get serious about protecting it, because the enemies of our religious heritage are hell-bent on wiping out our history and instigating a new era – one of utter religious suppression.

Star Parker
Bush's rhetoric about race is troubling

Permitting himself to give credence to the notion that black poverty of recent years in New Orleans reflects racial discrimination and lack of opportunity was anything but an act of compassion toward blacks. He is either uninformed, which of course is troubling, or willing to bury truth for political ends, which is also troubling....

How can racial discrimination be the operative holding blacks down in a city in which at least seven out of 10 residents are black?...

Black presence and power in New Orleans are wide and deep.

The truth about black poverty today, as Kay Hymowitz of the Manhattan Institute has aptly put it, is that it is "intricately intertwined with the collapse of the nuclear family in the inner city."...

The problem in the black community is that far too few black households are headed by married couples....

The collapse of the black family took off when big government programs, particularly welfare, were launched, compliments of black and white liberals, after the civil-rights movement.

Rick Casey
It's a crime when science gets it wrong

The authors are Jonathan Koehler, a behavioral scientist specializing in legal issues at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business, and Michael Saks, a professor of law and psychology at Arizona State University College of Law's Center for the Study of Law, Science, & Technology....

One of the reasons forensic science is so fallible, the authors write, is that 96 percent of the positions are held by persons with bachelor's degrees or less. By contrast, in "normal science, academically gifted students receive four or more years of doctoral training where much of the socialization into the culture takes place. This culture emphasizes methodological rigor, openness, and cautious interpretation of data."

Forensic science, by contrast, is "an adversarial, crime-fighting culture" where there often is pressure to produce findings that support police and prosecutors....

A science that doesn't rank right behind eyewitness errors in sending innocent people to prison.

Posted by Danny Carlton at September 19, 2005 07:50 AM

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Methodological rigor is the basis of any science.
That's why ID is not one ;).

Posted by: Blackpriester at September 19, 2005 03:35 PM

You should take the time to learn at least a little bit about ID before making such erroneous, and obtuse statements.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at September 19, 2005 03:38 PM

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