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September 22, 2005


Ann Coulter
What Would Reagan Do?

Perhaps President Bush has inadvertently nominated a true conservative to the court with this Roberts fellow. I remain skeptical based on the following facts:

(1) Anita Hill has not stepped forward to accuse Roberts of sexual harassment.

(2) The Democrats did not accuse Roberts of having a secret life as a racist.

(3) We have no idea what kind of videos he rents.

Also, I'm still steamed that Bush has now dashed my dreams of an all-black Supreme Court composed of eight more Clarence Thomases. Incidentally, eight more Clarence Thomases is the only form of human cloning I would ever support....

For Christians, it's "What Would Jesus Do?" For Republicans, it's "What Would Reagan Do?" Bush doesn't have to be Reagan; he just has to consult his WWRD bracelet. If Bush had followed the WWRD guidelines, he would have nominated Antonin Scalia for the chief justiceship.

Alan Sears
The ACLU's war on religion

Despite promoting itself as a great defender of individual rights, the ACLU is the foremost religious censor in America. This column only affords enough space to mention but a few of the innumerable examples of the ACLU's anti-religious zealotry. But they are enough to illustrate the lengths to which the ACLU will go to attempt to impose this foolhardy agenda on America....

In another alarming example, the ACLU joined a suit against Catholic Charities, demanding that the organization provide contraception coverage in any group prescription-drug program offered to its employees. Since the teachings of the Catholic Church prohibit the use of such contraceptives, the ACLU was demanding that the state force the group to violate the tenets of its founding faith.

Sadly, the Supreme Court of California agreed with the ACLU's reasoning that since Catholic Charities employs and ministers to non-Catholics, it was not allowed to faithfully follow Catholic doctrine. Another ACLU body blow designed to subvert religious freedom.

Yeshiva University, a conservative Jewish institution, did not allow two lesbians to live in married student housing since it was forbidden by their faith's teachings. The ACLU and other activist groups sued the private institution, bringing it all the way to the New York Court of Appeals....

Despite the obvious meaning of the First Amendment, the court sided with the ACLU and against traditional religious beliefs. Yeshiva was forced to act contrary to its religious beliefs and house same-sex couples as if they were married....

The ACLU's destructive assault on the religious heritage of this nation must be challenged – and vigorously. We as a people must stand our ground to protect our constitutionally guaranteed right to freely practice our religion in public and private.

Jonah Goldberg
Hurricane coverage veers off course

The press was blindsided again. As Hurricane Rita barreled toward Key West, television news executives were unprepared to deal with the lamentable divide this storm would undoubtedly reveal between gay America and straight America.

You'd think the media would have learned their lesson. After Katrina, the press corps waited a full two days after the storm hit before it was able to report that one of America's poorest and blackest cities was full of poor and black people. Surely, this time around the Fourth Estate would hit the ground running with up-to-the-minute exposes on the "Other" Other America and trenchant-yet-lachrymose essays on What This Says About America, that one of America's zestiest gay resorts was left to twist in the wind.

The questions raised by unlovely Rita are as painful as they are obvious. Will gays stay behind in disproportionate numbers in this disproportionately gay city? If so, Why? If gay marriage were legalized, could some of this disaster be avoided? Would George W. Bush have responded more quickly if the victims were just a tad less stylish? And, of course: Will the federal government help keep Key West festive?

Posted by Danny Carlton at September 22, 2005 07:02 AM

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