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September 28, 2005


Jill Stanek
Debi does Ohio

Debi Jackson, owner of the Cincinnati Women's Services abortion mill, is threatening to shut her chop shop after 32 years of depopulating service to the community.

Debi's thriving little enterprise does 1,200 abortions a year, aside from lucrative contraceptive sales. Abortions alone, at a minimum cost of $450 per, account for over half a million dollars of Debi's annual revenue.

Wanting to guard her thriving nest egg (pardon the pun), Debi and the ACLU have for seven years been fighting a public health and safety law passed by the Ohio Legislature requiring that abortionists have face-to-face, private, informational meetings with mothers 24 hours before scheduled abortions.

These meetings would include a state-scripted explanation of the procedure, including its risks; a list of abortion alternative agencies; the support obligations of the child's father and available medical assistance benefits should the child not be prenatally killed; and the characteristics of her child according to his or her current gestational age.

The new law also mandates that abortionists get written consents from at least one parent of minor girls before they abort.

Debi, a college dropout, is an appropriate spokesperson for the ignorance-is-bliss abortion crowd. She presented this interesting rationale to the Cincinnati Post: "Essentially, this law would be forcing us to run an abortion mill, running people in and out, and I can't in good conscience operate that way."

Casey Luskin
Darwinist Critics Didn't Get the Memo

On September 9, 2005, 38 Nobel Laureates wrote a letter to the Kansas State Board of Education urging them to not teach intelligent design. There were only 2 small problems with the letter: 1) The Kansas Board isn't considering teaching ID, and 2) The reasons they reject design are based upon a completely false understanding of ID theory. Additionally, these Laureate Darwinists reveal the religious implications evolution has for them ("evolution is understood to be the result of an unguided, unplanned process"). Apparently they didn't get Eugenie Scott's memo to cloak your metaphysical implications for Neo-Darwinism when talking to the public.

Posted by Danny Carlton at September 28, 2005 06:55 AM

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