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September 28, 2005

Hillary frightens supporters into more donations

From the Associated Press...

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has told potential financial backers that opponents of her 2006 re-election effort "will raise and spend hundreds of millions of dollars against me."

In the 2000 race, Rudolph Giuliani, who left the campaign in the face of prostate cancer, and eventual GOP nominee Rick Lazio spent more than $61 million against her. Clinton spent $41 million, making it the most expensive Senate race ever.

The claim of far higher spending this time around comes in a letter signed by the former first lady pressing for donations before this Friday's cutoff for reporting campaign contributions to the Federal Election Commission for public reports due Oct. 15....

A top New York Republican official scoffed at Clinton's claim.

"Hundreds of millions of dollars? Maybe her staff sent out the wrong letter and this is an early draft of a presidential fundraising letter for 2008," said Ryan Moses, executive director of the state GOP.

Any elected official, elected by a statewide vote in New York is ultimately elected by the Liberals in New York City—the rest of the state will quickly try to let people know that whenever their voices can be heard over the din of the Big Apple. For someone who moved to the state just barely in time to meet the qualification, she sure seems to want to nit-pick her opposition.

We can hope that 9/11 may have changed the political climate in NYC somewhat since her last election, and they'll bounce her out.

Posted by Danny Carlton at September 28, 2005 06:50 AM

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