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September 27, 2005

Homosexuals in San Francisco show they are ordinary people

From Inside Bay Area...

Despite sweltering morning heat, leather-clad minions mixed with fully nude street revelers as an estimated 400,000 people flocked to Folsom Street on Sunday for the 22nd annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.

Dominants and submissives came from all over the globe, including London, Paris, Canada, New Zealand and Australia to experience the "granddaddy of leather" extravaganzas, according to Darryl Flick, president of Folsom Street Events. The organization hoped to raise at least $265,000, the same as last year, to provide services to gay, lesbian and AIDS organizations throughout San Francisco....

Sister Maple Syrup, a leather-clad nun in spiky black studded boots and neon blue hair, said she was fully involved in the leather community and has been for more than three years....

Kat Ortland, a statuesque model and a recent college graduate from Oregon, suited up in an all-black vinyl pantsuit and three-inch lace-up boots to demonstrate Shabiri, the Japanese art of binding....

Katarina Lukezic danced the afternoon away in a fuzzy, neon bunny top and matching sweat pants that showed off her pierced naval.

In all honesty, I'm sure there are many homosexuals that cringe when they see or hear of events like this. I certainly doesn't help create that imagine Hollywood has been working on, of homosexuals being just like everyone else.

...meanwhile in the Netherlands...

Lebanese homosexuals have sought political asylum in the Netherlands to escape their country's tough laws which brand homosexuality an "unnatural" act and to avoid jail at home, Lebanese officials said. Article 534 of the Lebanese penal code "bans unnatural sexual relations" although it does not explicitly refer to homosexuality, the officials in Beirut said.

Lebanese lawyers said that homosexuals are considered law breakers and could face between two and three months in prison.

Apparently the Lebanese homosexuals decided against asking for asylum in San Francisco. Wonder why?

Posted by Danny Carlton at September 27, 2005 05:33 AM

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