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September 28, 2005

Ivy League schools losing good students to Christian Colleges

From the Christian Science Monitor...

Catherine Shultis, a National Merit Scholar with a perfect SAT score, is a natural for the hallowed halls of academia: Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown. But last month, she began her freshman year at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio.

Why Steubenville instead of Cambridge, Mass., or New York? The East Coast elite universities "lack a grounding in the Christian faith, and they're turning away from core principles and becoming more and more liberal," she says.

In these politically polarized times, a rising number of top conservative students are politicizing their school choices. Instead of going to a Princeton or Stanford, they're opting for less costly home-state universities or smaller schools that see themselves as standardbearers of Christian values and laissez-faire governance. Such choices are perhaps a boon to those who intend to pursue careers in politics, since conservative think tanks increasingly are recruiting from these colleges.

"Schools like Grove City, Brigham Young, and Hillsdale are some of our more popular schools," says Elizabeth Williams, intern coordinator for the conservative Heritage Foundation, in an e-mail. "Their students are usually of very high caliber."

Reminds me of the way Germany lost so many of its brightest scientists—because they were Jewish. The scientists, for the most part, found their way to the US and helped us beat the snot out of the Nazis. Isn't that what the old term “cutting off your nose to spite yourself” means? The Ivy League schools are becoming more mindlessly Liberal (sorry for the redundancy there) and losing some of their better students. Most of those Ivy League schools were founded to spread Christianity. But then they eventually abandoned Christianity, and it's pretty hard to do that without abandoning common sense, which, of course, they did, and now we see the natural result.

Posted by Danny Carlton at September 28, 2005 06:53 AM

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