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September 15, 2005

Palestinians invade Egypt

From WorldNetDaily...

After a third consecutive day of thousands of Palestinians – including known terrorists – passing freely between Egypt and Gaza, a senior Palestinian Authority official told WorldNetDaily last night he is pessimistic troops will be able to restore order in the area.

The senior official, who spoke by cell phone from Gaza City on condition of anonymity because he says he doesn't "want to get into trouble," told WND: "I'll admit that right now there is no Egypt Gaza border, it's all open wide."

Three days after Israel removed the last of its troops and military installations from the Gaza Strip, Palestinians continued to flow across the Gaza border, many to meet relatives or to stock up on cheap products.

Yesterday, Hamas members used explosives to blow a hole in a concrete fence that runs along the Egypt border, after first clearing the area to prevent casualties. Neither Egyptian nor Palestinian security forces interfered. Afterward, thousands more Palestinians poured across the border.

So after killing who knows how many innocent people in their effort to “get their own country” Palestinians use the opportunity to leave and go to Egypt. If they are making no distinction between Egypt and “Palestine” why didn't the so-called “Palestinians” simply go to Egypt in the first place?!?

Haaretz reports...

"All the terror organizations are working energetically now," an IDF source said. "The goal is to bring in large quantities of weapons before the Egyptians close the breach."

The chaos at the Gaza-Egypt border, which has been underway since the IDF completed its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip on Monday, raises the question of the effectiveness of the agreement Israel and Egypt signed regarding the deployment of 750 Egyptian border guards along the Philadelphi route in an effort to prevent arms-smuggling.

By the time the Egyptians begin to act efficiently, a large quantity of weapons will have been smuggled into Gaza from the Sinai. The Palestinian terror organizations have been stockpiling a large supply of weapons in Sinai over the last few months, since the IDF's anti-smuggling operations were making it difficult for them to get the weapons over the border.

They know that if terrorist activities continue from Gaza, Israel will be forced to re-occupy it. It seems that getting land wasn't their goal after all — killing more Jews was. Hmm, who'd'a thunk.

Posted by Danny Carlton at September 15, 2005 06:30 AM

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