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September 28, 2005

This Saturday Florida will become a safer place

From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel...

Warning that Florida streets have the potential to morph into the O.K. Corral, gun-control advocates will launch an international campaign to alert travelers about a new state law that allows people to use deadly force in self-defense.

On Saturday it will become legal to use force on an attacker without first trying to escape the confrontation.

Supporters say the measure, which they dub the "Stand Your Ground" law, allows residents to protect themselves by meeting force with force.

Opponents, who call it the "Shoot First Law," warn it could hand itchy trigger fingers a license to kill.

Didn't they make the same, dire, doom-and-gloom predictions about the concealed-carry laws? Didn't those laws result in lowered crime rates in the states that enacted them? Have the MSM bothered to note the conspicuous absence of even one incident of an innocent person being killed because of the concealed-carry law, while numerous people's live have been saved by those same laws?

If you look at New Orleans, while the police were telling everyone to hand over their guns and let them handle the looting, the police were either getting the heck outta Dodge or joining the looting. Meanwhile the citizens were pretty much on their own until state and Federal troops arrived. Trusting the government to be the only defense against criminals has killed too many people already. There's a good reason the Founding Fathers didn't want the citizenry stripped of their weapons.

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Posted by Danny Carlton at September 28, 2005 06:52 AM

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