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October 21, 2005

ACLU proposes forced censorship of curriculum that disagrees with religion of Evolution

From The New Mexican...

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico has advised science teachers in Rio Rancho that they do not have to discuss or teach a theory called intelligent design, and that they should contact the ACLU if they're disciplined for refusing.

The Rio Rancho school board in August adopted a policy allowing alternative theories of evolution to be discussed in science classes.

The policy was proposed by board member and full-time pastor Don Schlichte, who said it follows scientific principals of critical thinking and "opens the door for more academic freedom."

Opponents, however, contend it's a way to introduce intelligent design _ a theory that says life is too complex to have developed through evolution, implying a higher power must have had a hand. Critics say it's religion masquerading as science.

The ACLU said in August that it would go to court if the new policy leads to teaching intelligent design.

Of course that's already status quo in most government schools, but this would be a means of silencing those schools that might dare teach anything that would contradict the state religion of Evolution. 

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 21, 2005 05:26 AM

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poor thing, you don't quite grasp the difference between science and religion.

Posted by: Bill at October 21, 2005 01:48 PM

I grasp it quite well. Unfortunately Evolutionists don't.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at October 21, 2005 05:18 PM

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