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October 28, 2005

Alabama takes science seriously!

From the Associated Press...

The state textbook committee Thursday recommended dozens of science textbooks to be approved by the state school board for Alabama students, but rejected three elementary-level books for containing material on evolution which was deemed "controversial" for that age group.

The books were considered supplementary readers, meaning they could not be used as the sole textbook in the science curriculum, said Ron Dodson, a member of the committee, who presented the recommendations to the school board.

Each of the three elementary books rejected contained "controversial material at a grade level that is not developmentally ready for such controversial material," according to a series of Sept. 28 memos sent to school board members. The books also didn't meet the state's science guidelines and were not "appropriate for the maturity level of the age group" they were targeting, the memos said.

What I find odd is that the screaming, frothing Evolutionists that demand nothing ever be taught that could encourage a student to question the religion of Evolution, seem to be missing from the fray. Hm.

The 23-member committee, which includes 14 educators, was unanimous in its recommendations, Dodson said.

The committee made its recommendations with the stipulation that high school biology textbooks would continue to carry a disclaimer which describes evolution as "a controversial theory" in the first paragraph and says in the second paragraph that any statement about the origin of life is "not fact."

The purpose of the disclaimer is to give room to teachers who want to discuss alternative theories, namely creationism.

All the textbooks were available for public review, though the committee received only one objection. Don McDonald, a sociologist at Troy University, Montgomery, in a Sept. 14 letter said the biology book, "Exploring Life" (Prentice Hall), offered "nothing other than a full endorsement of Darwinian evolution." 

Wow, I'm impressed. But then, this is the state that had the wisdom to elect Roy Moore are Chief Justice of their Supreme Court, which he served as until the Federal Government removed him for daring to actually follow the Constitution.

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 28, 2005 07:05 AM

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In a previous post, I suggested the following disclaimer after a brief discussion with an avid Evolutionist:

"Evolution is not a comprehensive answer to the question of how life began. Indeed that is a separate subject. It is a description of how life diversified."

Posted by: eLarson at October 28, 2005 01:54 PM

Well, it's actually a mythological story regarding how some people belief life diversified.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at October 28, 2005 10:00 PM

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