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October 03, 2005

Another abortion pills surfaces

From the New York Times...

Even if the court restricts or eliminates the right to an abortion, the often-raised specter of a return to back-alley abortions is not likely to be realized, said Dr. Beverly Winikoff, president of Gynuity Health Services, a nonprofit group that supports access to abortion. "The conditions that existed before 1973 were much different than what they are in 2005," she said. "We have better antibiotics now and better surgical treatments."

But no change is bigger than the advent of an inexpensive drug called misoprostol, which the federal Food and Drug Administration approved for treatment of ulcers in 1988, but which has been used in millions of self-administered abortions worldwide. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, freeing states to ban abortion, this common prescription drug, often known by the brand name Cytotec, could emerge as a cheap, relatively safe alternative to the practices that proliferated before Roe.

"We won't go back to the days of coat hangers and knitting needles," said Dr. Jerry Edwards, an abortion provider in Little Rock, Ark. "Rich women will fly to California; poor women will use Cytotec."

Because it was never intended for use in abortions, it has not been widely tested for safety and effectiveness.

Several things to note here. The negative affects of RU-486 are even still being covered up by the MSM in spite of numerous deaths involving the drug. It is doubtful that the negative affects of misoprostol will be of any more concern to the MSM. Eventually some lawyer will realize that RU-486 victims will be a lucrative cash cow and class action suits will emerge. It is almost certain that misoprostol will be swept up in that and any pharmaceutical company with deep pocket looked at with hungry eyes by trial lawyers across the nation.

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 3, 2005 05:40 AM

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