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October 13, 2005

Another Liberal denomination struggling to survive

From the London Telegraph...

Britain's Churches are in such serious decline that if they were shops, they would have been declared bankrupt long ago, Lord Carey, the former archbishop of Canterbury, said last night.

In a bleak assessment of the future of Christianity in this country, he said that the Churches were approaching meltdown and the "last rites" could be administered at any moment.

Referring to an official report published this year, Dr Carey said it spoke of a Church "that is running out of cash and spending it on buildings, that has lost its vision and is becoming a club for the elderly." He continued: "The picture I have described is of Churches approaching meltdown rather than on the cusp of renewal."

First I want to point out that the Anglican church is in no way representative or typical of Christianity in general. It is one of the more Liberal denominations out there. That's why they're dwindling so fast. Oh, and to show how much they don't get it...

However, Dr Carey said there was also good news. He cited the 2001 census, in which 72 per cent of the population described themselves as Christian, and said that there was still a "deep allegiance" between nation and Church.

When 72 percent of the public feel free to claim that they are Christian, it's a good sign that the word has little meaning among them. It is also a sign that those among them that are truly Christians, will more than likely be very weak in their faith, since it would be of seldom use. Now Christians in Communist or Moslem dominated nations—those would be strong Christians.

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 13, 2005 05:52 AM

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