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October 14, 2005

Clueless in Utah

From Utah's Deseret Morning News...

Brother of Schiavo still upset over death

He says the courts and her husband mishandled case

By Jennifer Toomer-Cook
Deseret Morning News

Bobby Schindler says his memory is seared with images of his sister, Terri Schiavo, after courts approved removal of her feeding tube in a high-profile right-to-die/right-to-life battle he says wasn't always fairly portrayed in the media.

First of all...what an idiotic headline. Did they expect him to just “get over” the prolonged torture and murder of his sister? Then there's the choice of the phrase “memory is seared”. Did he actually use those words or is the reporter channeling John Kerry? The whole article reads like something a freshman journalism student would write.

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 14, 2005 05:56 AM

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