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October 13, 2005


Diana Lynne
Why should you care about Terri?

...the Terri Schiavo case is more than the sum of all of its permutations – right-to-die, pro-life, disability rights. It is, at its core, a human-rights issue. Who decides who lives and who dies and under what circumstances? In re Guardianship of Schiavo sets legal precedent that a probate judge, without even the added input of a jury, is now an authorized arbiter of innocent life and death. Indeed, America is not the same since Terri Schiavo's death.  »»»

Alan Sears
The ACLU's enthusiasm for death

On matters of life and death, the ACLU has married itself to an agenda that undermines both the rights and defenders of the weak, the vulnerable, the voiceless … the unborn, the aged, the ill – in short, the very types of people the ACLU professes to protect but doesn't.

ACLU attorneys insist that courts and elected leaders have a right to stop elections and constitutional amendments, circumvent the votes and override the will of the people to create same-sex "marriage," but not to save innocent lives. They demand free speech for anyone opposing almost any war but legally throttle any voice raised against partial-birth abortion or in disapproval of certain choices of sexual behavior....

How can any organization be so vocally committed to happiness and "freedom" but yet be so deeply opposed to recognizing the infinite value of – and the right to – life itself?  »»»

Larry Elder
Bush to poor: drop dead?

Since Bush took office, according to the Heritage Foundation, federal anti-poverty spending -- including Medicaid, food and nutrition programs, housing, earned income tax credit and child credits, plus other programs -- increased 42 percent. This is nearly double the rate of increase under President Clinton. Some critics claim increased poverty has driven up poverty costs. But poverty rates have increased less than 1 percent under Bush, and remain lower than the average poverty rates under Clinton....

Bottom line, under President Bush, the nation has seen the largest overall increase in inflation-adjusted spending since President Lyndon B. Johnson. Indeed, much to the chagrin of fiscal conservatives, President Bush's budgets -- even excluding defense and homeland security spending -- make him the biggest spending president in 30 years.

But, Bush doesn't care about the poor.  »»»

Ann Coulter
Does this law degree make my resume look fat?

A Supreme Court nomination may not have been the ideal time for Laura Bush to start acting like "Buy One, Get One Free" Hillary Clinton. At least President Clinton only allowed his wife to choose the attorney general. (Remember the good old days when first ladies only got to pick the poet laureate and the White House china pattern?)

Between cooking segments on the "Today" show this week, Laura rolled out the straw-man — sorry, "straw-person" — argument that the criticism of Miers was rooted in "sexism" (which is such a chick thing to say).

I'm a gyno-American, and I strenuously object.

The only sexism involved in the Miers nomination is the administration's claim that once they decided they wanted a woman, Miers was the best they could do. Let me just say, if the top male lawyer in the country is John Roberts and the top female lawyer is Harriet Miers, we may as well stop allowing girls to go to law school.  »»»

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 13, 2005 05:54 AM

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