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October 17, 2005


Doug Powers
Like white on Rice

There's a possibility that Condoleezza Rice could run for president, most likely against Hillary Clinton. Should Rice run, she is in for more ill treatment than a black kid who's late for his Econ class at the University of Alabama trying to hitch a ride from George Wallace – and the abuse will not come from where we've been taught racism lives...

...Rice will be heavily racially stereotyped and ridiculed as a message to potential crossover minorities: "Unless you want to be treated this way too, don't even think of leaving the party that respects you the most."...

In Condoleezza Rice, the left sees their own failings – a failure to keep minorities where they belong: quiet and voting Democrat.

What's more amazing is that racist attacks on Rice have been, and will be, tolerated by black "leadership" for the most part and quietly allowed to pass seemingly unnoticed by those out to prove that racism can only be noble if it helps save the Democrat Party.  »»»

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 17, 2005 05:26 AM

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