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October 20, 2005


Ann Coulter
Who was the second choice?

The sickness of what liberals have done to America is that so many citizens — even conservative citizens — seem to believe the job of a Supreme Court justice entails nothing more than “voting” on public policy issues. The White House considers it relevant to tell us Miers’ religious beliefs, her hobbies, her hopes and dreams. She's a good bowler! A stickler for detail! Great dancer! Makes her own clothes! 

That's nice for her, but what we're really in the market for is a constitutional scholar who can forcefully say, “No — that's not my job.”   »»»

John Stossel
The doomsday provision

Guns are dangerous. But myths are dangerous, too. Myths about guns are very dangerous, because they lead to bad laws. And bad laws kill people....

I wanted to know why the laws weren't working, so I asked the experts. "I'm not going in the store to buy no gun," said one maximum-security inmate in New Jersey. "So, I could care less if they had a background check or not."...

Talking to prisoners about guns emphasizes a few key lessons. First, criminals don't obey the law. (That's why we call them "criminals.") Second, no law can repeal the law of supply and demand. If there's money to be made selling something, someone will sell it. 

A study funded by the Department of Justice confirmed what the prisoners said. Criminals buy their guns illegally and easily. The study found that what felons fear most is not the police or the prison system, but their fellow citizens, who might be armed. One inmate told me, "When you gonna rob somebody you don't know, it makes it harder because you don't know what to expect out of them."   »»»

Joseph Farah
After Terri

Terri's death can either help redeem us from the path we have chosen, or it can hasten us down the road to "euthanasia" for all kinds of people unable to care for themselves. 

In Nazi Germany, the death camps started for the disabled and mentally retarded. It's clear that in America we've begun calculating the quality of life rather than observing the sanctity of life. 

What lessons have we learned?   »»»

Craige McMillan
Salem witch trial

On Friday, Oct. 14, a communist judge in Salem, Ore., ruled that it was "unfair," and therefore unconstitutional, for voters to express their will on the subject of land-use planning. The reason? It could result in an unequal outcome. 

Our Constitution insures, therefore, not equal opportunity, but equal outcomes. Communists believe that all property either belongs to – or should belong to – the state. We as citizens are only wards of that state. The state's primary responsibility is to divide up the pie into equal pieces and dole them out to the rest of us. The end result, as the collapse of the USSR showed, is no pie left to divide....

Not only are judges like Mary James an affront to the separation of powers and the voice of the people, they have twisted the wording of the constitution to mean precisely the opposite of what it actually says.   »»»

Alan Sears
ACLU's war on American sovereignty

In 2003, the ACLU sponsored a major conference titled "Human Rights at Home: International Law in U.S. Courts" at the Carter Center in Atlanta. A declared purpose of the conference was to "[use] international law and human rights norms to advance justice in U.S. courts." Far from featuring a collection of obscure leftists, invited panelists included Federal Judge Myron Thompson (of Justice Roy Moore fame) and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer among many other leading jurists from around the country. 

The organizers did not view the conference as simply an academic exercise. ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero stated, "Our goal is no less than to forge a new era of social justice where the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights are recognized and enforced in the United States." 

And even more remarkably, the ACLU and their its [sic] have convinced many state and federal level justices to weave these international laws into domestic court decisions.   »»»

Larry Elder
My dinner with a Bush-hater

" — and the thing that we hate the most about Bush is that he claims people shouldn't pay taxes." 

All right, enough. 

"Excuse me," I said, "can you tell me when the president said, 'People shouldn't pay taxes'?" 

"He says it all the time," she replied. 

"So then it should be fairly easy for you to tell me when, or perhaps where, he said it." 

"Well, it's in his budget." 

"Do you mean the most recently passed budget," I asked, "the one that calls for spending something like two-and-a-half trillion dollars?" 


"If the budget calls for that much in spending, where do you suppose the government gets the money?" 

"What do you mean?" she asked. 

"Well, you say the president says 'people ought not pay taxes.' If people don't pay taxes, how does the government get the two-and-a-half trillion?" 

"Oh," she said, "I see what you're saying. Let me clarify. Bush says, 'Rich people should not pay taxes.'" 

"Oh, really? And when did he say that?" 

"Well, he implies it — he's always seeking to cut taxes on the rich." 

"Well," I responded, "as a member of the so-called rich, I welcome you to take a look at my 1040. I pay a substantial amount in taxes. And if there's some program or provision that allows 'the rich' to avoid taxes, perhaps I should consider firing my accountant." At this, the others at the table laughed, but not, of course, my debating opponent. 

"Well, it's obvious," she said. "We see things differently."  »»»

Jeffery M. Leving and Glenn Sacks
PBS declares war on dads

...Parental Alienation Syndrome – the phenomenon of a parent (generally the mother/custodial parent) turning his or her children against the noncustodial parent after divorce or separation. PAS is the focus of the controversial new PBS documentary "Breaking the Silence: Children's Stories" which airs tonight on Public Broadcasting Service stations in dozens of major cities. 

In it the filmmakers label PAS "junk science" and assert that it "has been used in countless cases by abusive fathers to gain custody of their children" by falsely accusing the mothers of PAS. 

Despite the film's claims, research shows that parental alienation is a common facet of divorce or separation. For example, a longitudinal study published by the American Bar Association in 2003 followed 700 "high conflict" divorce cases over a 12-year period and found that elements of PAS were present in the vast majority of them. 

The most extreme examples of PAS are the false allegations of sexual abuse, which are often used for advantage in custody cases....

"Breaking the Silence" is a direct assault on American fathers and the minimal, hard-won gains they have made in protecting their children's right to have their fathers in their lives. Courts still reflexively side with mothers and often allow them to deny visitation, make false allegations of domestic violence or child sexual abuse, and drive fathers out of their children's lives. 

As a society, we pretend that broken families are all men's fault, pay lip service to the importance of fathers and close our eyes while millions of children are separated from the fathers they love and need. Because that's what mom wants. Because it's easier to blame everything on dad than it is to confront mom on her destructive behavior. Because trying to hold a divorcing mother accountable for her behavior is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall. Because there's a high political cost to be paid for crossing mothers and none to be paid for crossing fathers.  »»»

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 20, 2005 05:59 AM

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Sorry, didn't see an e-mail for you. You were tagged by us to make a Stop the ACLU sign. I am sure you will pull this off in all your free time!

Posted by: Greta (Hooah Wife) at October 20, 2005 10:52 PM

Too bad tax cuts for the rich usually end up making them/you pay more net taxes.

Posted by: spacemonkey at October 21, 2005 01:40 PM

Too bad tax cuts for the rich usually end up making them/you pay more net taxes.

Actually the reverse is true. There's a reason most rich people are rich—they use money to make money. But in the process they pay other people, who then pay taxes on what they are paid. You take a dollar from a business owner and that's a dollar he can't pay any employee who would have paid taxes on it, and would have spent what's left, making it income for someone else, who would have paid taxes on it and spent what was left somewhere else...so on and so on.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at October 21, 2005 05:22 PM

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