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October 25, 2005


Joseph Farah
Meet a real judge from Texas

When the Supreme Court decided to hear the challenge to Texas anti-sodomy laws in 2002, the only facts for the high court to review were Deputy Joseph Richard Quinn's 69-word, handwritten, probable cause affidavits – written within hours of the arrests of the three principals in the case Sept. 17, 1998.

There had been no trial. There had been no stipulations to facts by the state or the defendants. The defendants simply pleaded no contest at every phase of the proceedings. It was quite simply the misdemeanor dream case homosexual activists in Texas and nationwide had been dreaming about. Or had they done more than dream about it? Had they schemed about it, too?...

What would it mean, two years after Lawrence v. Texas, if Supreme Court justices learned they had been fooled, manipulated, played like a radio?

Did the justices know that a key witness in the case had been murdered and that one of the defendants appeared to be a key suspect?

Were they aware one of the lawyers who handled the sodomy case for Lawrence and Garner also represented Garner in the unsolved murder death of Eubanks?

Dennis Prager
The difficulty of intellectually engaging the Left

One of the more appealing aspects about being on the Left is that you do not necessarily have to engage your opponents in debates over the truth or falsehood of their positions. You can simply dismiss your opponent as "anti."

Anti-worker: It all began with Marxism. If you opposed communism or socialism, you were not merely anti-communist or anti-socialist, you were anti-worker....

Anti-education: Those who object to the monopoly that teachers' unions have on public education and to their politicization of the school curricula are labeled "anti-education."...

Anti-intellectual: If you object to the dwindling academic standards at universities, or to the lack of diversity in ideas there, you are dismissed as "anti-intellectual."...

Anti-Semite: ... the Left will label anti-liberal comments as "veiled anti-Semitism." A left-wing Jew at a Jewish seminary sent out an e-mail charging Ann Coulter with anti-Semitism. His grounds? All of her attacks on liberals were really attacks on Jews....

Anti-black ("racist"): Perhaps the most common of the Left's "anti" epithets is "anti-black," i.e., "racist." If a person opposes race-based affirmative action, for example, he is likely to be called a racist. And, of course, the recent libeling of Bill Bennett as a racist was a classic example.

Mychal Massie
The bitter pill of hatred

Slavery ended over 140-plus years ago. Jim Crow and forced segregation ended 40-plus years ago, except for the self-imposed segregation of today's black students on college campuses.

To acknowledge that there is nothing blacks cannot do that any other person can would be to acknowledge the civil-rights battle as defined decades ago is over and that we have indeed overcome.

It is laughably nauseating to hear Will Smith, Spike Lee and Jesse Jackson – all of whom live and travel commensurate with the top 1 percent of wealth in the world – tell how the white man is holding blacks back.

[It should be noted that the author seems to have overlooked that the majority of America's Black population live in self-segregated neighborhood—where they yearly hold parades to celebrate Martin Luther King, a man who fought to end segregation.]

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 25, 2005 08:03 AM

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