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October 03, 2005

Fake Bible course hits government schools

From Agape Press...

The head of a popular Bible curriculum program is urging caution about a new public school Bible course that uses a textbook endorsed by Jewish, Muslim, and even some Evangelical groups.

Last week, the Bible Literacy Project unveiled a new textbook called The Bible and Its Influence. According to a press release, the text is the first designed to meet constitutional standards for public school use, the first to be provide comprehensive coverage of the Bible's influence on literature, art, music, and rhetoric. It also accommodates Jewish sensitivities about the New Testament and avoids referring to miracles in the Bible as historical facts.

Elizabeth Ridenour is executive director of the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, which itself has a program being implemented in more than 300 school districts. She admits she is concerned the Bible Literacy Project course does not use the Bible as its textbook....

The textbook is also endorsed by liberal activist groups, among them the American Civil Liberties Union, People for the American Way, the American Federation of Teachers, and the National Education Association. Religious organizations that have endorsed the text include the National Association of Evangelicals, the American Jewish Congress, and the Baptist Joint Committee for Legislative and Public Affairs.

It's an old trick...don't like what someone's doing: put out a fake, and try to get people to use it instead of the legitimate thing. It's how carbon-monoxide poisoning works. It's also how AZT killed so many people who were diagnosed with AIDS (AZT crowds out RNA—just a carbon-monoxide crowds out oxygen in the lungs—and keeps the DNA of a cell from replicating)

Anyway, it seems these Bible-hating bigots are pushing their own form of poison.

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 3, 2005 05:39 AM

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I think this is just a case of sour grapes after the Texas Freedom Network showed the National Council's course is plagiarized from the internet. I don't think Chuck Colson, Joe Stowell, Ted Haggard and WORLD magazine would all endorse the Bible Literacy Project's textbook if it was anything like their competitors say it is.
See their endorsements and the WORLD article.

Posted by: Susan Aroza at October 3, 2005 10:21 PM

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