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October 26, 2005

Lawsuit filed after Public Officials censor Christian

From Agape Press...

Last summer, Christian activist Michael Marcavage of the group Repent America attended a regularly scheduled meeting of the Lansdowne [Pennsylvania] Borough Council. During the public discussion forum there, he attempted to speak about comments made by a homosexual council member.

However, when Marcavage tried to read a passage from the Bible, a council member told him he would not be allowed to do so because reading a biblical passage would be tantamount to hate speech. When the activist insisted on his right to read, the meeting was adjourned and he was forcibly removed and later criminally charged with disrupting a public meeting.

Ultimately, without the need even for a hearing, the Delaware County District Attorney's Office dismissed the criminal charges against Marcavage as being without merit. Ted Hoppe, an attorney for the Repent America leader, has filed a federal lawsuit against the Borough of Lansdowne on his behalf.

In addition to the complaint, Hoppe says he filed a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction seeking a temporary order so Marcavage can again attend Lansdowne Borough Council meetings. "This is important," the attorney notes, "because people need to have the right to be able to go to these borough meetings or municipal meetings and address their elected officials."

Citizens have a right, Hoppe continues, to talk with their community political leaders and "raise these issues without the fear that they're going to be arrested -- without the fear that they're going to be vilified and called names in public, simply because the officials don't like them."

This isn't the only example of dirty tricks by homosexual activists.

From WorldNetDaily...

As early voting begins on a Texas marriage amendment, pro-family groups claim a fraudulent campaign is under way to deceive voters into defeating the measure, which aims to limit matrimony to one man and one woman.

Kelly Shackelford, president of the Free Market Foundation and an author of the proposed amendment, Proposition 2, says Texans are being flooded with deceptive automated phone calls telling people to vote "No" because of a purported flaw in the legislation....

The group sending out the controversial messages is a registered political action committee, or PAC, called Save Texas Marriage....

Shackelford said the calls from Save Texas Marriage are so deceptive they even end with "God bless you."

One call begins with a minister saying Gov. Rick Perry "messed up," and there is a hidden liberal agenda, according to Shackelford.

The Statesman-American said that in one automated telephone call, Rev. Tom Heger of San Antonio's Beacon Hill Presbyterian Church says in part: "A greedy insurance company, tricky divorce lawyer or a liberal Austin activist judge can easily use these words to overturn traditional marriage and cause people to lose health insurance, tax breaks and pensions."

In the free market place of ideas—the truth will ultimately win. The only reason to silence others or spread lies would be if you knew you didn't have the truth.

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 26, 2005 07:33 AM

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