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October 11, 2005

More persecution of Christians in Eritrea

From Release Eritrea...

...over two hundred Eritrean evangelicals and members of minority churches have been captured and detained from streets, workplaces and residences in Asmara, at the start of this week. In an operation that is said to have been the worst of its kind thus far, Eritrean security forces are reported to have detained hundreds whose whereabouts remains undisclosed....

On Monday 3rd of October the development project, which is responsible for projects across the country, with an extensive emergency aid and feeding programme, was forcibly shut by Eritrean security forces. The entire team of staff of the project including administrative and support staff such as drivers and secretaries have all been detained. Amongst those detained are, the general secretary of the project Mr Ukbay and his administrator Mr Ghebre Michael. Many others including Pastors Simon and Teklit and Mr Berhane have also been detained. The main concern of those who contacted Release- Eritrea is the safety of all those detained. However there is a rising concern for the well-being of the families they have left behind too.

Our source said; ‘please remember that in many homes children and women are suffering and have also becomes victims of persecution. There will be no salary coming into many homes and their lives are in danger. Please pray for us’.

Last week Eritrea became the first country to have sanctions applied under US religious freedom law. The State department notified Congress that the secretary of state had banned commercial export of certain defence articles to Eritrea.

Eritrea, of course, is a member of the UN Commission on Human Rights. This would be the same Commission that kicked out the US a few years ago (although to our shame we asked to be back on it), which also includes such sterling examples of “humanity” as Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Communist China.

Also a member of the so-called Human Rights Commission is Indonesia...

Jim Jacobsen is president of Christian Freedom International (CFI), an interdenominational human rights organization that helps persecuted believers worldwide. He recently took part in a fact-finding mission to the Muslim-dominated country of Indonesia....

In a number of the churches Jacobsen visited...members reported that the radicals "would come in at sword point and force them to sign a document promising that they would not have worship service anymore -- that they would rearrange the building. They could use it for the community, but it was not to be used for Christian services."...

Up until now, [CFI vice president Vickie] Koth notes, the Indonesian government has not taken any measures to protect Christians in that country from such harassment. She says it is time for the authorities to put a stop to the rampant persecution of the Christian minority members.

Why are we even a member of such an organization that is as obviously meaningless as the HRC?

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Posted by Danny Carlton at October 11, 2005 06:09 AM

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