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October 06, 2005

Reality show candidate to become real candidate

From Agape Press...

The winner of last year's reality television program which pitted contestants in a mock presidential election hopes to soon be experiencing the reality of running for a congressional seat in South Carolina.

Last fall Park Gillespie, an elementary school teacher and a Christian, was named "The American Candidate." The reality cable TV series pitted Gillespie against other contestants in a mock presidential contest. With that victory tucked away, he says he now plans to announce in the near future his candidacy for South Carolina's Fifth Congressional District -- a seat currently held by veteran Democratic Congressman John Spratt.

You know, I'd been wondering how that turned out. I got an email about it and checked out the web site and found it interesting, but I was never able to watch the show. After the final episode I went to the web site to see who won, and it was gone. The two final candidates were the MSM's idea of the “perfect” candidates—a liberal Black woman v. a Conservative, evangelical, homeschooling, White guy. I'm sure they assumed that the viewers would overwhelmingly reject the Conservative White guy, and pick the Liberal, so they could parade around what they would claim to be the real choice of the people.

Now I know for sure what happened—the viewers chose the guy. The network must have been furious and shut down anything and everything associated with the show.

And now he's running for office after the boost he got on the show. That must irk the MSM bigots even more.

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 6, 2005 06:15 AM

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