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October 12, 2005

Tennessee school bans ministers

That would be Christian ministers, ministers for the religion of Evolution are hired, put on staff and given a captive audience of school children to proselytize.

From the Cookeville Herald-Citizen...

...Jennifer Davis, spoke to the board in the time set aside before each meeting to allow public comment. She came to lodge a protest against a recent decision involving youth ministers' visits to schools.

“About two weeks ago my youth pastor shared with our youth group that he, along with other youth ministers, is no longer allowed to enter the cafeteria to eat lunch with us,” the Cookeville High junior said.

“From what I understand, you, the board of education and director of education, based on one person's thoughts and feelings concerning this matter, made the decision that youth ministers may not enter the cafeteria, but have to stay in the commons area in a specified location.”

The girl said she believes allowing youth ministers to eat lunch with students in the school cafeteria does not violate any law or school policy.

Youth ministers provide good role models for students and provide “free supervision” during school lunches, she said.

“The separation between church and state is not a one-way street,” Davis said.

“If being in the same room as a youth minister offends a student, it would be in his best interest to not live in America. The diverseness of the faiths shared by Americans and the freedom to express them is what makes this country such an awesome place to live.”

The Putnam Schools Director Michael Martin claims that the parent of a high school student complained about ministers expressing religious views and handing out religious leaflets in the school. Apparently, not wanting to miss a chance to censor Christians, the school decided that Christian ministers would be restricted to the lobby area where tables are set up so students can look at any literature the ministers bring. Of course classrooms are provided for the ministers of the religion of Evolution and students are forced to endure their attempts at converting them, all at taxpayers' expense.

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 12, 2005 06:11 AM

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All the more reason to promote home schooling.

Posted by: Cao at October 13, 2005 05:07 AM

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