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October 10, 2005

Terri Schiavo and the MSM's bloody hands

From WorldNetDaily...

Even the wall-to-wall coverage on the cable news networks over the final weeks of Terri Schiavo's life consistently failed to report salient facts of the case, including the following:

  • Terri Schiavo was not dying but had a life span estimated by the medical examiner to be another decade.


  • Terri Schiavo was not suffering but was relatively healthy according to her treating physician.


  • Although Michael Schiavo, his brother and his brother's wife testified Terri made casual statements years prior to her incapacitation that she would not want to be kept alive by artificial means, the Schindlers claim their testimony was fabricated and "out of character" for the practicing Catholic whom they said believed in the sanctity of life.


  • Several witnesses, including two former girlfriends, filed sworn affidavits with the court suggesting Michael Schiavo perjured himself by testifying his wife told him she would not want to live under her current circumstances.


  • Michael Schiavo didn't recall his wife's alleged end-of-life statements until three years after he started living with another woman referenced as his "fiancée," and with whom he had fathered a child. He would later father a second child with this woman.


  • Michael Schiavo didn't recall his wife's alleged end-of-life statements until six years after he testified under oath in court that he needed millions of dollars in order to be able to take care of Terri at home for the rest of his life, and after receiving more than $1.5 million from the courts for that purpose.


  • Six months after receiving the $1.5 million, Michael Schiavo attempted to end Terri's life by ordering doctors to not treat her for a urinary tract infection that would have developed into the fatal condition of sepsis.


  • When a doctor reportedly suggested to him in 1993 he should remove Terri's feeding tube Michael Schiavo replied: "I couldn't do that to Terri."


  • After taxes and other debts were paid, $776,254 was put into a trust fund to cover Terri's future medical care and rehabilitation. Michael Schiavo spent 59 percent of this sum on attorneys' fees in his effort to end Terri's life.


  • Within the first three years after Terri Schiavo suffered her brain injury, Michael Schiavo admits to melting down her wedding and engagement rings in order to make a ring for himself.


  • The very first guardian ad litem appointed by the court in 1998 to represent Terri Schiavo in the court case raised concern over Michael Schiavo's conflict of interest due to his status as heir of Terri's money upon her death. He recommended the feeding tube not be withdrawn. The judge ignored his findings and ordered the apparatus removed.


  • In 1998, when Michael Schiavo filed his petition to remove Terri's feeding tube, Florida statutes did not allow it. State legislators working in conjunction with the hospice industry and other special interest groups changed the law a short four months before the court hearing on Schiavo's motion, paving the way for the feeding tube to come out.

Writer and attorney Wesley Smith suggests these basic facts consistently ignored by the mainstream media amounted to a "conspiracy of silence."

"By siring two children with another woman, Michael effectively estranged himself from this marriage. Surely, thinking people would want to know this fact," Smith commented in the Weekly Standard.

I noticed the continued inaccuracies by the MSM, from the national to the local level all through the ordeal. The Media are so insistent on their position as the watchdog for the people, yet when they act almost completely the same to distort, cover-up and lie about a story, they fail in their duty and become worse that the government propaganda outlets they claim to be the remedy for.

Among the inaccuracies WND reported are...

  • Contrary to media reports, Terri's collapse was not due to a heart attack and the medical examiner debunked the unproven theory it came as a result of a low potassium level induced by an eating disorder such as bulimia. The cause of Terri's collapse remains a mystery to even the medical examiner.


  • Doctors believed she remained in a vegetative state. But her parents, siblings and several witnesses outside her family -- including some of her caregivers -- testified she exhibited awareness to the extent that she recognized the presence of her loved ones and attempted to communicate, forming the words "yes," "no," "stop that," "pain," "mommy," "momma" and "help me" over the years.


  • Although it was reported by the mainstream media that doctors had all concluded Terri Schiavo was in a permanent vegetative state, or PVS, the court determination made in 2002 was based on the testimony of two neurologists hired by Michael Schiavo -- one of whom is a renown right-to-die activist -- and one court-appointed, independent neurologist who testified he relied, in part, on Michael Schiavo's attorney for information and assistance with his testimony. Some 40 medical experts from across the country, including neurologists, rehabilitative therapists, speech pathologists and a brain surgeon filed sworn affidavits disputing the PVS ruling and questioned whether the more accurate diagnosis was MCS, or minimally conscious state. The distinction is important because Florida law does not provide for the removal of feeding tubes from MCS patients.


  • Studies have shown the error rate in the diagnosis of PVS is as much as 43 percent. Eminent neurologist Dr. Bryan Jennett, who co-coined the phrase "vegetative state" back in 1972, emphasizes PVS is a difficult diagnosis to make and that no one can ever be completely certain of the level of awareness of another person.


  • PVS is purely a clinical diagnosis and there is no radiological appearance that is diagnostic of this state. Thus, it is erroneous to assert, as most in the press did, that the autopsy of Terri Schiavo "confirmed" the diagnosis of PVS. The medical examiners stressed this fact, while merely stating their post-mortem findings were "consistent with" a PVS diagnosis. They also stated the findings didn't rule out a diagnosis of MCS.


  • It was commonly reported in the mainstream media that 19, 40 or "dozens" of judges looked at the case and all concluded that Terri was in PVS and it was her wish to not be kept alive under these circumstances. In fact, 36 judges adjudicated a variety of aspects of the case begun when Michael Schiavo filed his petition to remove the feeding tube in 1998. However, only four judges specifically addressed the core issues of Terri's wishes and her medical condition. Of those four, only one trial judge had access to the witnesses and evaluated the evidence in the case and the other three appellate judges essentially rubber-stamped his ruling according to the standard of appellate review, which holds that rulings get overturned on appeal only in instances where the trial judge abuses his discretion.


  • Right-to-die advocates promote death by dehydration as free of pain and "peaceful," but this characterization is predicated on the assumption that the patients are sedated, and also because they slip into a coma before death. Terri was minimally sedated, likely because of the media scrutiny.


  • The Schindlers, their attorneys, and their spiritual adviser described her as suffering, being in deep distress, panting and struggling to breathe, with her eyes oscillating wildly back and forth.

In the end we have the euthanasia advocates (the Worshipers of Death) fighting to murder an innocent woman, while the bulk of the Media puppet their lies to the American people. But even worse than that is that at heart, most Americans gullibly believe the spiel about being kept alive forever hooked up to machines. In my experience the vast majority of people, who really take very little deep thought on the matter, see euthanasia as something handy to have around to rid themselves of the burden of an elderly relative, and assume they themselves would never be the unwilling victim of it. The truth is euthanasia is murder plain and simple, and when any society embraces evil like that, it spells the end of that society and more and more evil will become acceptable, until the moral fiber that would hold society together rots and gives way.

Posted by Danny Carlton at October 10, 2005 07:40 AM

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Bravo!! I don't think we (Sane people that know this was murder, plain and simple) should let it pass. Felos lobbied for those two laws to be passed while Terri was fighting for her life. There is obvious collusion and conspiracy that should be investigated!! The very same lawmakers were board members of the same Hospice that imprisoned Terri for five years, illegally. This is so insulting that the Attorney General is ignoring this! I was personally told by an FBI agent in Tampa the AG would not let them get involved and they wanted to and knew they should.

I read Bob Schindler is not going to rest until all the "death merchants" are punished. Godspeed Bob Schindler! The feathers need to hit the fan!

P.S. There is a "Law and Order" episode on this week that has a story line like Terri's, the only difference is the family kills the husband with a car bomb before he pulls her feeding tube. :) I guess the writer of that episode was a Terri fan and fighter!

Posted by: SherlockRWBShoes at October 10, 2005 02:45 PM

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