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November 08, 2005

Alabama University under FIRE for stifling free speech

From Agape Press...

Troy University in Alabama is being sued over policies that allegedly stifle free speech on campus. The lawsuit being coordinated by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) targets a speech code at the university -- a policy banning age- or religion-related jokes, "derogatory" comments about gender, gossip, and "insulting" or "suggestive" remarks.

The lawsuit against Troy University is the fifth in FIRE's campaign to overturn restrictive university speech codes in every federal circuit in the U.S. The group's legal director, Greg Lukianoff, believes the school's speech code is wildly "unconstitutional" as well as unduly restrictive in an academic environment.

"Politeness is a virtue but, fortunately, it's not the law," Lukianoff says. "Basically, under Troy University's speech code anything that someone could conceivably argue is insulting, hurt their feelings, or might have arguably 'demeaned' them, they can bring that student up on charges. And if free speech means nothing else, it means you have the right to say things that are provocative."

What I wonder is how would such an idiotic rule be enforced. In order to accuse someone of violating the rule, you'd have to make a “derogatory” remark about them (the accusation) which would then put you in violation of the same rule.

I remember hearing about a condition in which babies are born with no brain at all. I always wondered what happened to them. It's nice to know, now that, apparently, they've been able to find employment at Universities across the nation.

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 8, 2005 05:24 AM

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